It’s cool, I’m just freaking out here.

I’ve become the victim of an odd sort of reading slump.

Can I call this a slump? Bah. Not sure. It’s like this. I LOVE what I’m reading. I adore it. So much that I’m scared to read it because I fear I will be unable to stop reading until it is over and that I will be forever crushed (Thanks Jodi Meadows…The Orphan Queen is fantastic so far, and yet I’m scared it’ll crush my soul). I have books to read after it as well (I actually planned it out..kind of. We’ll see how that goes) and I am excited for those. But I have this fear..

You see… I’ve been reading mostly fantasy/dystopian type books for awhile now. I seem to only have an appetite for that at the moment and just cannot get enough. I Think I’ve mostly been reading fantasy since I picked up Throne of Glass in like…August (or maybe it was September…)? That is what Sarah J Maas has done to me. She has reminded me of a fantastic genre and about how great it can be. Since then I’ve been reading almost nothing but fantasy (maybe one or two books that aren’t fantasy). My fear…overdoing it.

So what have I been trying to do to avoid this possibly terrible dilemma, you may ask…

1. I have been trying to tap into genres I know I’ve loved before. Come back to me historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary fictions. I NEED you!

2. I have been trying to plan out what I read next. I got an amazing gift from my OTSPSecretSister. She sent the Orphan Queen arc (which I am LOVING so far) and an Elizabeth Wein arc (she wrote Code Name Verity which I LOVED). I am planning on reading that after Orphan Queen, but who knows how well that plan will go.

3. I have been asking for recommendations. I want people to tell me what they love and why, because normally that will really truly turn me on to a book. Hearing how it hit someone else lets me know what that book is capable of, and even if it doesn’t get to me in the same way I still appreciate it.

And that’s about it. I am just searching for a book to break it up, because I am seriously scared of overdoing my obsession with fantasy novels lately. 

Anyone have any recommendations? Any ways that you happen to avoid overdoing a particular genre that you love? I would love to hear it. Seriously. Any and all recommendations are welcome as well as any tips to avoid this possible catastrophe.

That is just how much recommendations are appreciated 🙂

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