If We Were Having Tea (7)

20638302_10210095186557818_268576923072112750_nI have seen this post many times over at Jamie’s page (The Perpetual Page Turner) and have always wanted to give it a shot. I think it’s fun, personable, and a great way to kind of get to know one another. So, I thought why not give it a shot? But there will be a bit of a difference…we won’t be having coffee. Instead, I will be having tea.


If we were having tea…

  • I would ask how the heck you are!? It’s been a CRAZY couple of months for me (and Arika too) and blogging has really sat on the back burner, meaning we haven’t had time to catch up with anyone. How’s your 2020 starting off? How did 2019 end for you? I just…I miss you guys and I hope all is well!
  • I would tell you that I’m FINALLY settling in at my new place. We had to move away from our old place due to work for my husband, which THANKFULLY had us moving closer to home and our family. We have been away for so long, so it’s weird to be back and wonderful to be back at the same time. Any big changes coming up for you?
  • I would tell you that I haven’t really hit my reading mojo yet this year. With the stress of moving I honestly didn’t finish a book ALL of January. But, since then I have finished 3 books (An Ember in the Ashes, Sorcery of Thorns, One of Us is Next) and am just starting Evvie Drake Starts Over on audio and Arika and I will be working through King of Scars. What have you been reading so far this year?
  • I would tell you that I’m working remotely! I am so excited that the company I was already working for is letting me working from home. I’m going a bit of what I was doing in the first place on top of a new position. It’s been hard, but a good hard. Work has been busy and I’ve been working on establishing routine because I know that’s what I’m going to need. Any of you work from home? What’s the best way to establish that routine?
  • I would tell you that routine is honestly just something I’m working on. Because of the stress of the move, as well as all other things in life from November until now, my routine has been thrown out the window. My work outs have been just about non-existent and I’ve gotten into the habit of eating out/eating garbage. It has been TOUGH. But, I’m trying to get back to it! This week is going to be tough, but I think it’s going to be good. Do you have any tips or tricks on getting back into routine?
  • I would tell you that I am late to the party, but I binged Cheer last week and am OBSESSED! I absolutely loved seeing the intensity of the sport, the backstory of so many of the characters (I want to hug them all), I just…I loved it. I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the TV. It was great to see that strength and athleticism shown in the series. Have you watched Cheer yet? 
  • I would tell you that while my week seems to be long (trip back to the office in the middle of the week…not that I’m not looking forward to it, just that it adds some drive time, etc to my week), I am getting pretty excited for next weekend. Husband and I have tickets to see Motion City Soundtrack! We would have LOVED to see them when we were in high school, but those were days of no money and not being trusted to drive to see them. High school Emily is FREAKING out. Do you have any fun plans for next weekend?
  • I would tell you that…I GOT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE TICKETS. Words cannot describe how excited I was when all of that went through. I heard many people had issues with Ticketmaster (as per usual) and the prices weren’t great (general admission here was $200 (TO STAND), and I heard it was way more elsewhere)…but we got them! Again, High School Emily is FREAKING OUT. What band/group/singer that you loved in High School would you throw all your money at to see? 
  • I would tell you that winter has been weird. I mean, living in the upper midwest means that I am always at risk to spend days without sunshine (and I don’t know how anyone that lives even further north with full days of darkness does it), and lack of sunshine always means my moods are down. A trip to Vegas helped (all sunshine the whole time) but coming back to the cold and the snow…it’s just always tough. And this year we seem to be in such a weird pattern. One day it could be near 40 and then next day it could be near -40. It’s just constant extremes, which is giving me a whole different kind of season depression. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really paid attention to it until now. Today was a tough one (with a lot of other things going on), but I’m doing my best to cope. Happy movies, taking time to relax, reading a book, blogging a little…all those things that have made me relax a bit and feel good. I’m hoping that it’s enough to really keep me in good spirits this winter, because February can be tough…and you never know what March will bring. What are your winter tips to try to help yourself stay in the best of spirits?


Life has been nuts, and there are so many things I’m not going in to because it’s all so personal and some of it still hurts in a weird way. But in the end, I miss you all. I miss doing this. I know that not many people read this, and that’s ok. I love being able to put my thoughts down, whether about a book or whatever, and the fact that some people check in and we discuss things…I love it. So I’m going to keep trying to be on here the best I can. Some weeks I may have tons of posts, other weeks it may be silent. Who knows. The point of Midwestern Book Nerd has always been that it’s low key, and we are going to keep being low key.

Ideas are being worked on, and we’ll be back to write again soon 🙂

But until then, catch up with me. What exciting things are happening or will be happening in your life? I’d love to cheer you on!


New to my Goodreads (4)

I know I’m not the only one who LOVES to know what other people are reading or excited about. I think there’s something about that fresh excitement of adding something to those TBR lists that’s almost contagious. I have seen bloggers around do something like this, and I thought I might want to join in. I did a post similar to this a few months back, and I want to keep it as a random feature on the blog.

Not going to lie, I have been dying to write since my last post and just couldn’t think of what to do. How silly is that when I love doing this feature!? But for real, I got so much amazing love and support after my last post and I think I was overwhelmed. I mean, my blog views were higher than they have EVER been! People were commenting on my post as well as on my social media with so much love, so many fun memories, and honestly…it helped me so much. This year has been pretty difficult as far as working through the feelings of grief has been concerned. I don’t know if at 30 I’m being reminded of things my dad is missing or something like that, but it’s been harder. So thank you…thank you for all the love and support. It meant the world.

And so of course, coming back is difficult because I’m trying to decide just what I want to be blogging about. Obviously books, but sometimes I feel like there is something else that I’m missing out on here. But for now, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and adding whatever tickles my fancy.

But today…oh many today I am sharing with you some books I have recently added to my TBR. I have added a lot…so honestly, this is just a small sample of what I have added. There are just so many books getting hyped up lately and I want to be in on it.

So, here are just a few of the many books I have recently added to my Goodreads TBR:

36524503._sy475_The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones

This book sounds like it should have that spooky, creepy sort of setting that I would really enjoy. A book about zombies? A book about the family that takes care of the graveyard, aka makes sure the zombies stay dead? This book sounds incredibly interesting, and very fitting for this time of year (whoo Halloween!). I’m not one that reads spooky books in October just because I feel like I can read spooky books whenever I want. This one struck me as interesting though, and I’m excited to give it a shot.

39679076House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

I am all about retellings, and this creepy retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses sounds right up my ally. Again, I don’t tend to read a lot of “spooky” books, but the praise for this book is so high that I feel like I can’t miss out. The setting sounds eerie, the death suffered sound incredibly terrifying and tragic…I’m interested in how this all plays out. Will someone hold my hand as I read it? Fun fact…this book is currently sitting in my TBR cart as the library hold just came in. I think this will be my next read and EEK! I am so nervous/excited.

42121526Rebel by Marie Lu

Yes, I just added this now. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!? WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO DIRECT THIS ANGER AT BECAUSE OMG I NEED THIS BOOK SO BAD! I was in LOVE with the Legend series, and have been dying for just a little bit more. THIS IS THE LITTLE BIT MORE I WANT GUYS! I’m so ready to be back in this world, to see Eden, Day, June…I am so ready for this book! And yet, maybe I’m not. OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE FINAL BOOK!

46227940Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

First of all, love this author. I haven’t read all of her books yet, but what I have read I have adored. Second, contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast!? Yes please! I haven’t read a book set in a boarding school in forever, so that makes me all the more intrigued. I am really excited for all that this book promises to bring. Also, that cover is so awesome. I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about covers that are drawn up like this (not sure what word is best used to describe it, cartoon feels wrong…help me out), but I’ve really started to like it!

40024139Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

I have heard so much hype about this book and I am so curious. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the topic. I grew up in a household where we were very active in our church (and I am so thankful for it) and had actually talked about witchcraft and people who believe they are witches. I am so curious to see how the two things mix and the outcome of it. I really just am excited to get sucked into a new series. It’ been awhile since I’ve been really into one and I am hoping this one could bring me a new one. I’ve missed it.

43263520._sy475_The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

Ok, so I actually am starting this one right now since I just got it from the library and am super intrigued. I’m so nervous because while I love a good female empowerment book I do think it can get taken over the top (just a topic for another time) and I don’t want that. I want it to be believable. I want it to feel real and to actually make me feel empowered. This book has come highly praised by some people who I seem to get lots of book titles from. The females, in this book, are sent out to the woods for their “Grace Year” in which they release all their “Magic,” but no one really talks about what goes on during that year and typically the females come back having seen things. Like I said, intrigued. Full disclosure, I have started this book and am 100 pages in and SO HOOKED! At first, I was mildly interested, but man…by 100 pages I am fully invested and really ticked that my reading time has been so limited lately.

18966819Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Hi, my name is Emily and I slept on this series for far too long. I read the first one about a month ago and LOVED it. I don’t know if it’s something I want to binge, but oh man…I definitely need to read the next book soon. I really enjoyed the setting and the feel of the entire book. It read like the dystopian that I have been craving for a while, and set in space!? Yes please! I am both excited and terrified for what is about to come next!

44291755Gravemaidens by Kelly Coon

I can’t even say what it is about this book that intrigues me. I feel like this book will throw the reader into a brand new world with so much to discover. I just expect this environment that I would fall in love with. I am so intrigued by the plot and how the three maidens work within the story. Just so much interest in this book.

36373564._sy475_The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

I feel called to this book just based on the setting alone. I mean, the plot sounds like something I can get behind and all of that, so that’s great…but the setting! I absolutely have loved reading books set in Alaska. That state is almost foreign to me, and I just cannot believe the things that people who live up there may deal with (I mean, full days of darkness is just the start…). I have heard nothing but fantastic things about this book, and then the setting just kind of seals the deal for me. I definitely need to read this one.

43453524Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby

A few things you should know about me if you don’t already…I am forever drawn to books on grief and I am also forever drawn to WWII books. I have not read many WWII books set in the US, so that is something new. This book sounds beautiful, heartbreaking, and eye-opening. It’s told from the perspective of a ghost, which kind of reminds me of The Book Thief as it was told by Death. I just feel like this book calls to me, and I am dying to get my hands on it. I know many children were orphaned during this time, and I don’t know a lot about that situation. I think this book will teach me a little bit more, while also breaking my heart (and who doesn’t enjoy getting their heart broken while reading?).

I could keep going, but I suppose I can save some of the other ones for another time. These were selected because they have excited me the most over the past week or two. I am so excited about reading lately, and that’s a feeling I have missed so much. So much to look forward to!

So tell me…is there anything new on your TBR that you are excited about?

Also, if there is anything on this list that you have read let me know! I want to know what I should prioritize!


Let’s talk How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow

Before starting this post off I just want to let you know that this could get a bit heavy. If you struggle with grief in any sort of way and don’t think you can handle this post then please stop reading. We all grieve differently and I don’t want to hurt anyone as they are working through things.

I am the type of person that yearns for books on grief. I am always drawn to them in an instant even though I know they will break my heart. How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow was no different.

40755416Here is what happens when your mother dies.

It’s the brightest day of summer and it’s dark outside. It’s dark in your house, dark in your room, and dark in your heart. You feel like the darkness is going to split you apart.

That’s how it feels for Tiger. It’s always been Tiger and her mother against the world. Then, on a day like any other, Tiger’s mother dies. And now it’s Tiger, alone.

Here is how you learn to make friends with the dark.

Add to your Goodreads | About the Author

Initial reactions upon finishing:


This book left me feeling all kinds of things. I felt that gut wrenching pain of loss, I felt the occasional smile, I felt the amount of love that is within the book…it was a bit of a roller coaster. And while I found myself sobbing quite a bit and my husband threatened to take it away because it was making me sad, I am so glad I read it.

The portrayal of grief was huge for me. The author showed the nitty gritty, the stuff that everyone is scared to talk about. Tiger went through the phases of grief without them needing to be labeled, because honestly the phases of grief don’t move that way. Throughout the book Tiger constantly described the initial stages of it all sinking in as feeling like wet cement, and I don’t think there is a more accurate description. You just feel heavy; heavy, but still moving slowly…one step at a time. I honestly don’t remember a time in my life that I have felt so heavy as I have when I have been hip deep in the darkest moments of grieving. Grief truly is the Big Suck, and it is always with you. This book really was a solid glimpse for those that maybe don’t understand it as well because they don’t have that personal experience. If you are ever wondering what a friend or family member may be feeling after the death of a loved one, this book will give you a good description of what they may be feeling.

While I related so well to the grief, I still found it to be a different journey. I lost a parent, just like Tiger, but I still had my other parent. I still had a place to live and a family to call my own. Once Tiger loses her mother that’s it. She’s alone. She’s put in foster care and into the system that so many people get bounced around in. To see her not only navigate her grief, but to also navigate through foster care and feeling like she had no one…that was tough. I found it incredibly eye opening as well. I know very little about the foster care system, minus what I might see on TV or in books. I really felt like the author took this to heart, knew that so many don’t really know what goes on in those homes, and put us through this journey with Tiger. It was a journey of heartbreak. It was a journey of pain. It was a journey that really had Tiger finding herself, just not always in the best of ways. It really had me thinking about my life and what I can do for others that don’t necessarily have a place to call home or people to call family.

This book, to me, is so important. It shows the darkness of grief, of the foster care system, of what may happen to a vulnerable young woman after everything is taken from her in just one evening. There aren’t enough books that paint the ugly in grief, but this one did. Grief is an ugly thing guys. And I really get tired of people glamorizing it, of characters that seem to just get over it throughout the book…because that’s not how it happens. Tiger’s journey with grief was real to me. So real that I had to take breaks, because occasionally the hurt was too much (which is really sucky when you think of all the people in real life that don’t have the option to take a break from that heavy feeling.).

Now, if you know me pretty well you must be asking yourself why I do this to myself. Why do I read books about grief, books that bring back all those ugly emotions?

Well first, there is nothing like the feeling when an author can get your feelings going just by something they wrote. There is something about that and I just can’t seem to walk away from books that are going to have me ugly crying.

But honestly…the biggest reason is because sometimes I need to remember that I’m not alone. My dad has been dead for 17 years. I’m not over it. I’ll never be over it. Some days it’s just a little easier to put one foot in front of the other, and then there are days that even getting out of bed is tough. Grief is here to stay, and sometimes, as silly as it sounds, I feel like I’m the only one that has dealt with it. I am so wrong, and I know that. But when I was 13, right after my dad passed, I couldn’t find books like this. I couldn’t find a way to relate, a way to make sense, and a way to fully deal with it. These books help me continue to process, even years later. And it helps me to know that there are books for those youths who are just starting their journey with grief.

Grief is the longest journey I never wanted to be on. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But here I am, feeling all those feels, and just working through the days that I feel like I can’t breathe. As the years have gone on it has gotten better. I don’t miss my dad any less, but I’m not constantly being punched in the gut by missing him. The constant hole is there, but it doesn’t hurt in the same way that it used to (most days).

Reading about grief has been a HUGE thing for me. It has helped me process so much and I think it has helped me get to the point I am at today. If you are ever looking for other books, books that I found helped me in some way or another as far as tacking the feelings of grief, then you should definitely check these out:

And if you are grieving, having a hard time, no matter how long it’s been or how fresh the wounds are…do not be afraid to reach out. I know it may seem like you are alone in this journey, but you are not. I may not be able to relate 100% to how you are feeling, but I am on this grief journey too…different stages, but I’m here. And I am an excellent listener.

This post has really gotten away from me, so if you’re still with me AWESOME! If you aren’t, I totally understand.

Basically…if you want a fairly accurate representation of grief, read How to Make Friends with the Dark. Just be sure you have some tissues nearby and take some breaks when it feels too heavy. And if you have read it, let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts!


What Would You Miss?


I just finished a book. 

This is nothing shocking. I’ve been killing it with reading this year, it’s just the blogging aspect that has been slacking a bit but I’m working on that.

I just finished a book that’s been sitting on my shelf for YEARS that I was dying to read but kept putting off.

The book…Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.


This book is set in a dystopian US in which the world has fallen. Humanity as we know it is no longer a thing, and people are doing whatever they can to survive. I don’t want to give too much away, but the book really focuses less on the HUGE dramatic events that sometimes take place (people banding together to fight evil, etc) and focuses more on how humanity has changed and what is necessary for survival. I loved that the author took that turn with this kind of story, and I think that’s what kept me so invested. She told this story in such a beautiful and haunting way, in a way that I could actually see it happening. This lead me to ask myself a simple question…

If the world as I knew it changed, if all that I knew was no more, what would I miss?

“No more Internet. No more social media, no more scrolling through litanies of dreams and nervous hopes and photographs of lunches, cries for help and expressions of contentment and relationship-status updates with heart icons whole or broken, plans to meet up later, pleas, complaints, desires, pictures of babies dressed as bears or peppers for Halloween. No more reading and commenting on the lives of others, and in so doing, feeling slightly less alone in the room. No more avatars.”

A world without internet, a world without fresh fruit easily accessible, a world without electricity and running water…what would I miss the most?

I think I would miss social media, but not for the reasons some people would. I think I could give up some aspects of it no problem, but the fact that it is a way that I can connect with friends and family all over the world…I can’t imagine a world where I can’t contact them instantly. I can’t comprehend a world where I can’t know what is going on in their lives even though we are far apart. I can’t imagine being alive in a time where distance doesn’t kill everything. That would be hard to give up.

I would miss food as we know it. I would miss ice cream (just demolished some today because football nearly killed me it was so bad). I would miss the access to fresh fruits and vegetables. I remember one character talking about eating his last orange, and I just cannot comprehend that. To suddenly no longer have that, it would be tough.

I would miss those basic human needs that we all have. I have a home, I have running water and electricity, I have clothes on my back. Sure, I would probably be able to have a home, and I would have clothes, but everything else would be difficult to adjust to.  I drink water constantly. I shower almost every day. I use a washer and dryer. While I know that this isn’t something everyone has and some things that they survive without, to go from having that to not having it would be difficult.

I would miss modern transportation. We can literally fly to the other side of the world in a day. In this world, after humans are knocked down a bit, that doesn’t exist. Planes don’t take off, cars don’t go…it’s a lot of walking and lot of horses. Suddenly it’s not as easy to get places. Working 15-20 miles away from my home would not be doable because it would take me longer to get there. I feel like my world would become smaller, and I just can’t picture that.

There are so many other things I think I would miss…sporting events, concerts, reading until all hours of the night because I could turn on a light, modern medicine…so many things about my world that would change. This book had me thinking about how grateful I am about all of the things that I have.

On top of thinking about all of this, the book was really well written with so many moments that made me feel sadness, grief, and even (sometimes) happiness.

I am so sad that I sat on this book for so long. I regret sitting on it and I am so glad I finally took the time to dive in. It’s definitely a book that has changed my thinking in life.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

And if you haven’t read this book…PUT IT ON YOUR LIST NOW! You won’t regret it.

Question: What’s something you would miss at the end of the world?


Book Talk: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

18460392Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But each time, something good, no matter how small, stops him.
Violet Markey lives for the future, counting the days until graduation, when she can escape her Indiana town and her aching grief in the wake of her sister’s recent death.
When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves whom. And when they pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state, both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries: It’s only with Violet that Finch can be himself—a weird, funny, live-out-loud guy who’s not such a freak after all. And it’s only with Finch that Violet can forget to count away the days and start living them. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s begins to shrink.

Add All the Bright Places to your goodreads

This is not going to be one of my normal book talks. The subject matter of this book is tough, and I really have a lot to say. Instead of just chatting about how awesome the characters are and such (which is always fun) I am going to talk about what this book meant to me. When I was sitting in bed this morning, reading the last pages and sobbing…what was I thinking.

All the Bright Places really hits on some tough subjects. I think they are important ones, but still tough. I know some people are reading this and wondering what could be so important and tough about a YA novel. This is when I shake my head, roll my eyes, and get a little upset. Adults don’t want to talk about the stuff that happens in this book, therefore teens typically don’t either. But this book is FILLED with subjects that need to be talked about. A lot of these subjects hit home in some way or another, and that is what I am going to talk about. This book is important, and had me doing a lot of reflecting of my own.

Grief: It’s no shocker that grief is a large part of this book. Violet is still trying to come to terms with everything that happened since her sister’s death. Grief is a huge part. It’s also no shocker that I can relate to it. With that being said, it gave me the reminder that all grief is different. Each death is different and there are millions of ways to react. Car accidents happen in many different ways. Cancer takes people differently. I still mourn the loss of my dad to the cancer that his body just couldn’t handle, and though it’s different I could really relate to how Violet is grieving for her sister after an accident. There are many emotions, frustrations, and behaviors that I really could relate to even though our situations were different. A quote that really struck home with me…


“I don’t have any friends or a boyfriend, because it’s not like the rest of the world stops, you know?” My voice is getting louder, and I can’t seem to do anything about it. “Everyone gone on with their lives, and maybe I can’t keep up. Maybe I don’t want to.”

It’s hard to remember that life moves on for everyone else while your whole world seems to come to a crashing halt. This is something I felt. This is something I still feel to this day, wondering how people go on with this and that when my life isn’t at all what I thought because of loss. I loved the author’s portrayal of grief. It was so accurate. It really stuck with me.

Mental Illness: I don’t know many people that don’t have any sort of experience with mental illness. Some struggle with it, some struggle with the sads, some struggle with helping loved ones that struggle with mental illnesses. It’s not fair, but such is life. There are so many different kinds of mental illnesses; many different diagnoses that someone could have. This particular book deals with bi-polar, if you want to label it. And it kind of scared me. I have definitely watched loved ones go through what Finch called “the sleeping.” It’s scary. I have honestly never felt so helpless and useless as I watched. I honestly have never been more terrified, and there was that fear that maybe this time that person won’t come back. How is this still a thing that we are just brushing under the rug? How are so many people still ignoring that this is a problem? Yes, they don’t show any physical ailments. They don’t have the measles, the chicken pox, or any other sort of sickness like that. But they are still sick. Why are we still ignoring it and shying away from it? Why is it such a scary thing to try to help those that are too scared to ask for help because of the stigma of mental illnesses? It’s terrible. We make anyone that struggles feel terrible. I think that we all struggle, just at different levels. So why are we shying away from those that struggle more than we do? This book definitely makes it known that ignoring mental illnesses is a problem.

Suicide: This is probably the trickiest part of the book for me to talk about. Suicide is a messy subject, and there is always the fear of offending someone by it. I personally have not know anyone that committed suicide. I have known people who have thought of it. I have had the chance to get to know family members taken away from me because they committed suicide before I was even a thought (or when I was just too young to understand it). I don’t totally understand how people get to that point, but that is just what it is. What you need to remember is that suicide is a permanent solution to what could be a temporary problem. There is no coming back from that. And the people that you leave in your wake are the ones that suffer. I am not saying that your feelings aren’t valid at all. But there are other options. There are so many people in this world to help you and who care about you. So many people that can help you before you reach that point. We just need to make sure that we are reaching out to those that struggle with these thoughts. By reaching out you could save someone’s life. I think that this book really drives home the importance of paying attention to the signs.

This book….this book is many things. This book was so good (I was so sucked into the world of Violet and Finch and was cheering them on the whole time). This book hurt (hurt me to the core guys). This book is important.

Have you read this one? I would love to hear your thoughts.

How do you handle it when…

Books tackle every single real life issue that I can think of. Sometimes certain issues are covered more than others (and some of us get upset about that, which I get) but typically it brushes on something. These issues are things we may have strong opinions or feelings about and sometimes reading about them fill us with various emotions.

So my question…

How do you handle reading a book that tackles a topic that you are very much against?

Maybe the writing is really good. Maybe it’s a story that you have thus far gotten lost in, a world that you feel connected to. Maybe the characters are so relatable that you just feel so in love with how everything is going.

And then, the issue presents itself. Yes, you have been completely and totally into the story, super invested, and yet…that issue sticks out like a sore thumb.

For example (since I am not going to throw out the book I am reading because spoilers)…you are reading this awesome book. Everything just clicks and you feel like this is the perfect book for you to be reading at this exact moment. And then you come across an issue such as creationism or evolution, and they are very pro the one that you are against. Or maybe there’s an abortion issue and the text is very pro-choice or pro-life and you are not. (again, not giving you my personal opinions on things because this is not meant to start a debate)

How do you handle this? Do you brush it off and hope the issue doesn’t play a huge role in the story? Do you stick with the book no matter what, or do you set it down and never really try again? Does this change your opinion of the book, characters, and author?

This is not meant to start a debate about any particular issue. I think we all have our own opinions and typically an internet debate does nothing more than anger someone and cause unnecessary drama. I just want to know how you approach this situation in your reading. It has happened to me multiple times and I just never really know how to respond. Sometimes I put it down, other times I stick with it and find that my feelings have changed.

How do you handle this? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

It’s cool, I’m just freaking out here.

I’ve become the victim of an odd sort of reading slump.

Can I call this a slump? Bah. Not sure. It’s like this. I LOVE what I’m reading. I adore it. So much that I’m scared to read it because I fear I will be unable to stop reading until it is over and that I will be forever crushed (Thanks Jodi Meadows…The Orphan Queen is fantastic so far, and yet I’m scared it’ll crush my soul). I have books to read after it as well (I actually planned it out..kind of. We’ll see how that goes) and I am excited for those. But I have this fear..

You see… I’ve been reading mostly fantasy/dystopian type books for awhile now. I seem to only have an appetite for that at the moment and just cannot get enough. I Think I’ve mostly been reading fantasy since I picked up Throne of Glass in like…August (or maybe it was September…)? That is what Sarah J Maas has done to me. She has reminded me of a fantastic genre and about how great it can be. Since then I’ve been reading almost nothing but fantasy (maybe one or two books that aren’t fantasy). My fear…overdoing it.

So what have I been trying to do to avoid this possibly terrible dilemma, you may ask…

1. I have been trying to tap into genres I know I’ve loved before. Come back to me historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary fictions. I NEED you!

2. I have been trying to plan out what I read next. I got an amazing gift from my OTSPSecretSister. She sent the Orphan Queen arc (which I am LOVING so far) and an Elizabeth Wein arc (she wrote Code Name Verity which I LOVED). I am planning on reading that after Orphan Queen, but who knows how well that plan will go.

3. I have been asking for recommendations. I want people to tell me what they love and why, because normally that will really truly turn me on to a book. Hearing how it hit someone else lets me know what that book is capable of, and even if it doesn’t get to me in the same way I still appreciate it.

And that’s about it. I am just searching for a book to break it up, because I am seriously scared of overdoing my obsession with fantasy novels lately. 

Anyone have any recommendations? Any ways that you happen to avoid overdoing a particular genre that you love? I would love to hear it. Seriously. Any and all recommendations are welcome as well as any tips to avoid this possible catastrophe.

That is just how much recommendations are appreciated 🙂