Top Ten Tuesday: We won’t read that…

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Welcome back for another Top Ten Tuesday! This is definitely one of our favorite things to participate in and something we are constantly keeping up to date with. It’s so fun to list various things we like/dislike about books and what we are looking forward to. It’s also SUPER fun to talk to other book lovers, like yourself, about these things.

This week we are talking about things that we see (either in a synopsis, comparison, or while starting to read it) that instantly turn us off to a book. It could be something super small and stupid in the end, but sometimes that’s what ends it for us.

So, what are some things that make us not want to read a book?


  • Comparisons to Twilight. We did our time with Twilight. We loved it for awhile, now we don’t. Any Twilight comparisons really have us looking the other way.
  • Love Triangles. Sometimes we stick these out. Sometimes they are well written and make sense. But normally it’s a hard pass.
  • When a series goes on for too long. Too many books in the world, not enough time.
  • Blatant racism. There’s a difference between showing us what the issues are (or were in the case of some historical fictions) and being outright racist.
  • When something is said to be the next Harry Potter. THERE IS ONLY ONE HARRY POTTER!
  • Books in a series just repeat the same and the characters don’t grow. We want to see some depth and see a character learn and grow as the series goes on.
  • The cliche hot boy…calling a guy hot and he has no other redeeming quality. We want to read about a guy who can do more than just look good.
  • Comparisons to The Hunger Games. We love dystopian type novels but the ones compared to the Hunger Games never really live up to expectations.


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QUESTION: What are some things that make you not want to read a book?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: We won’t read that…

  1. Kel

    The love triangle is a big one. Occasionally they read well, but very rarely. And, unless I’m picking up a romance-genre book, I generally don’t want romance to be the leading consideration in my other books. If there is a war going on, you should not spend 80% of the book talking about the romance. 😉

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  2. Poinsettia

    I completely agree with When a series goes on too long. There have been some series that start off great, but clearly should have ended a while ago for various reasons. I prefer for a series to end on a high note.
    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

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    1. Exactly! Some series are totally fine (for example…I loved that Harry Potter was 7 books. I think that was perfect!) but others go on too long and I lose interest because I feel like nothing important is being done anymore (or I thought it was finished and then BAM new book!).


  3. Greg Hill

    Love triangles definitely. No thanks. And the hot boy (or girl, or mean rich girl- basically any of those tropes) are kinda annoying too when you read em a million times!

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