Feature Friday: Spring Releases Round 3!

Happy Friday Everyone!


We are super pumped that it’s Friday. Not only because we get to share another spring release that we are super pumped for, but also because this week is over! Anyone else suffering from dealing with a craptastic week? Way to make it through! Enjoy your well deserved weekend!


Just a recap…for every Friday in April we are sharing a spring release that we are excited for. We decided that for it to be a spring release it needs to be released in April or May (just to help us narrow it down…obviously people define it differently). We have already talked about how excited we are for the next addition to a favorite series, and we talked about some awesome sounding retellings we are looking forward to last week. So what books do we have to get excited for this week?




Within the last year I have become a BIG Emery Lord fan. Though I have only read two of her books so far, I know that she is my new go-to contemporary author. Her writing really sticks to me and gets me feeling all kinds of crazy emotions. Her stories have realness to them, and there always seem to be characters that I can relate to. This particular book of hers sounds like a book that will make me cry. Any story where cancer is part of the plot is bound to make me cry because of losing my dad. Isn’t it crazy how I am so drawn to books about grief, loss, and cancer even though it brings up some of the worst memories of my life? I am not sure what it is, and I can definitely get into that another time, but I am definitely excited for the feels this book will bring. As someone who is religious and really trying to deepen her faith, I am very curious as to how an author I have come to love so much tackles what can be such a difficult topic to write about. This book comes out May 16th and I am so excited to get my hands on it. I need more Emery Lord in my life.


royal bastards

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

So I have been having a hard time getting away from fantasy novels…and it’s books like this that are to blame! I’ve seen a few of my friends on Goodreads add it to their TBR. So I had to take a look and I was really intrigued. A book about royal bastards who are trying to save their kingdom while being pursued by people who want to kill them….sign me up please! I hope this book will live up to the hype that I am starting to build up for it. This book comes out on May 30th and I think it will have a spot on my e-book this summer.

QUESTION: What are some spring releases you are looking forward to? Also, if you have read any of the books that we have talked about you should DEFINITELY let us know your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Spring Releases Round 3!

    1. AH! So excited to hear you loved it! Sometimes those books that start off a little slower end up being among some of the best. I’m not gunna lie, I know nothing about Royal Bastards..not until Arika wrote about it. I have seen it mentioned but for some reason haven’t really looked into it further.

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