‘Tis the Season: Best Holiday Foods


We are back again on this awesome Friday (because when is Friday ever not awesome?) to bring you MORE Holiday Cheer! Last week we told you we had so much cheer and one post just could not contain it, so here is post number 2! The holidays are such a fun time. There are so many traditions from family to family, and it is so interesting to see what other people do and maybe even add some of those traditions to your own holiday celebration. Last week we talked about some books that made us think of this time of year. Today…well today we are talking about a VERY important part…FOOD!

It’s so funny how much food made for holiday celebrations can vary between regions. Something that is made up here in the Upper Midwest might not be made down South. So here are some things that we Midwesterners make during the Holiday Season..



With my family, it’s a smorgasbord of food. We have at least one nice dinner on Christmas Eve and then a lot of appetizers at parties and Christmas night. And we even do a big breakfast on Christmas morning. We also do lots and lots of cookies and sweets. Whether that be my aunt’s homemade caramels that melt in your mouth or the simple spritz cookies that my dad absolutely loves. There is always some type of food that even the pickiest of eaters will like! Here are some typical foods you’ll find at my house during the holidays:

  • Cookies: These are my weakness! I love all the sweets we have at this time of year. Whether it’s gingersnaps, peanut butter blossoms, sugar cookie cut outs, or spritz cookies, there is always some cookies at my mom’s house. Though one thing I love is what people call Oreo balls, we call reindeer poop. Haha we always thought that was funny as kids 🙂 .  This year is the first time I will be doing cookies without my mom but I am excited for the challenge! And of course I get to use my new Kitchen Aid mixer…it is so amazing!
  • Venison Sausage: If you have hunters in the family you know that this time of year calls for a lot of hunting. Both up in the Midwest and down here in the South, hunting in the fall is a big deal and a way to stock your freezer for the year. My husband is a big hunter and he just recently killed his first deer of the season and man did we get a lot of meat. It’s cool all the things you can do with venison when you process your own deer. We have made breakfast sausage, cheddar summer sausage, and smoked sausage. And when you grind up all your deer meat, you can use it just like ground hamburger and it’s a lot leaner too! Great for chili’s and tacos, YUM!
  • Wild Rice Soup: I don’t know about you but on a cold winter day my favorite thing to eat is a nice big bowl of soup! And if your from Minnesota you know Wild Rice Soup is a popular one to have on a cozy day at home. Wild rice is one of the most popular rices in the state of Minnesota (it’s the official state grain!) and Minnesota is one of the biggest producers of wild rice in the United States. Wild Rice Soup is a nice creamy soup that can either have chicken or ham and bits of carrots. One of my favorite recipes is from Byerlys, which you can find here.


We are big into baking at my home. Yes, we have your typical meal of Ham and potatoes and such, but we are definitely a fan of the sweets and whatever we can eat easiest while visiting with friends and family. We tend to do appetizers a lot. A meat and cheese tray, cocktail weiners, sometimes chicken sandwiches and such. Having appetizers leaves room for…SWEETS! And what do we make at my house…..

  • Lefse: Oooh ya I am super Scandinavian dontcha know!? It’s described as a flatbread here and can be topped with whatever your little heart desires. But at my house…butter and brown sugar. That’s all we every put on it and it’s all we will ever need. If you haven’t had lefse then you NEED to get on it!
  • Cookies: I know right!? How stereotypical of us. We make lots and lots of cookies. At our get-togethers we have thumbprints, hershey’s kiss cookies, gingerbread, and…cut out sugar cookies. And not to toot my own horn, but I make a pretty mean sugar cookie. My grandma used to do all this baking, so when she passed the job was handed to me essentially. It took YEARS to get it to be just like hers, but a couple years ago I FINALLY mastered it and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I have also made spiced sugar cookies (they are actually pictured in our graphic above), oreo balls, and a chocolate cookie with peanut butter filling. I am ALWAYS looking for new cookie recipes, so send them on over!
  • Krumkake: I told you I was very Scandinavian right? This is another treat that we sometimes make (though it’s been awhile). I love when they are just a little warm. A sweet treat that has never made me feel full (which can be a bad thing..). If you are unsure what it is you can find it here.



QUESTION: What are some holiday treats and food that you prepare each year?


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