Just a Little Update on Life

Hey there!


So I know that I had intended to not make this blog all about my rants and personal feelings about EVERYTHING in life, and that is still my intention. I want this blog to be a place where I can talk about books, music, and other random things whenever I feel the need. However, being that I’ve moved away from my hometown and ALL of my friends and family I also wanted it to be a place where they could kind of know what’s going on in my life. So today is mostly that, because life has suddenly been super busy and crazy and slightly stressful. So, let’s start this out…



Yes, a new job. A Monday-Friday job with hours that don’t make me want to hurt someone. I’ll be working at a small, church-based daycare. Yes, I know my luck with daycares has not been the best…but hear me out. I have been praying and praying for something new, somewhere that I could feel useful and like I was actually doing something with my life. I randomly saw this ad on craigslist and did my research. I contacted the posting expressing interest and within 24 hours I was at an interview. I knew walking in there that this was different. The director is SUPER passionate about what she is doing. Like super passionate. It made me feel so good just talking to her. And the teachers, well the few that I saw, didn’t hate their lives (or at least not visibly). At the centers that I’ve worked at you could definitely tell that it pained A LOT of the teachers to be there. I mean yes, there are going to be bad days, but it’s pretty normal. Here it was not. It felt like a supportive environment, and one that I could really teach my personal values and beliefs. I walked out so excited, so positive. I am so excited to start, though a little nervous too. This means that YES I HAVE HANDED IN MY TWO WEEKS NOTICE AT THE RETAIL SHOE STORE I WORK AT! It was great. My managers were happy for me (I guess they were anticipating it eventually which is great) and it just felt good. Plus, after quite possibly one of THE WORST NIGHTS I have worked there I was really reassured that leaving is 100% the right thing. I came home and cried, it was that bad. Only a week and a half left! And that is not the best part, well…it’s pretty darn good, but I guess it keeps getting better. Because this job is in the same town that Jake works in and we live a half hour away from this town we decided we officially need to move that way. We found a place super fast! A gorgeous place that will allow us to be more active with the lake being all of 3 blocks away and a really nice park nearby with trails and the farmers market is nearby. Seriously, amazing. But we didn’t know if it would work out. Our lease for our current place is until end of March and they wanted to rent the current place right away. But I’ve been praying and praying and things just continue to fall into place. It’s amazing. An example of this would be our landlord. She is one of the nicest people. She totally understands what we are going through and is doing everything she can to help us out. It was the strangest thing because we have this crazy connection. When we went to sign the lease she started saying that she actually has a connection with the daycare I’ll be working at. Her husband used to be a pastor at the church up until about 2 years ago, so they oversaw the daycare and whatnot. She says they still have such love for that church and the daycare and she is so excited for me to start there. She is praying for us, which is awesome. To know that she has such a strong faith and is praying that our situation continues to work out…wow. It’s such a God thing for us to end up where we are. I feel so led to move that way and to start this new job. It’s crazy. So now, the last step (besides the actual moving…which, uhm moving in February is not exactly my ideal thing. The snow and cold…yuck) is for our current apartment to be re-rented. Please pray this happens, because it would be so awesome and helpful. There is a showing tomorrow (which is WAY faster than I had anticipated. I assumed we wouldn’t hear anything until at least this coming week) so I’m really hoping and praying that goes well and that they want to move in soon. All prayers for this are appreciated. It is the LAST piece of the puzzle to fit into place. I can’t even describe how right all of this feels. I feel like God is leading us to this place and I cannot wait to see what he does. I’m really excited to see where life is taking me. I wanted to move home so bad, but things just were not working out. I miss home so much, but this is where I’m at right now. And I have to accept it and have to see what can be done with it. I know I’ll be back there one day. I think within the next few years. But I have to do this. I have to be here. I have never felt more right about it. But I still miss home, so much. Come visit me friends! I miss you all dearly. Now that I start to have weekends off let’s make plans! Please! Well, that’s my personal update. If you need my new address lemme know (via email or facebook message or whatever). We’ll be in the new place the middle of this month. And now I need to get back to reality. Need to finish cleaning the apartment, I kinda want some tea, and I definitely need to finish my book! Happy Sunday all! Enjoy the Superbowl!   

2 thoughts on “Just a Little Update on Life

  1. Amy

    Congratulations on all the good changes in your life!! I’ve moved in winter, and my advice is to buy a roll of thick paper and put it down in all your hallways and walkways. It will protect your carpets and floors from the inevitable yuck that gets carried in. That’s all I’ve got 🙂


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