Words I needed to hear


I can’t imagine that I am the only one struggling with life issues. There are so many times where I find things going so well and then BAM, something else goes wrong which always has sent me spiraling downward. I am currently in the middle of this situation now, but I am trying my best to make it out a better person. To use this as an opportunity to better myself and maybe even help others in similar situations (or other situations).

I have an entire Pinterest board called Words, and that’s simply what it is. Quotes for when I’m hurting. Bible verses that I needed and still need. Things that help me reevaluate where I’m at. Things that help me put my best foot forward and move on. And as I have been adding I thought that maybe someone else could benefit from this. Maybe, just maybe, something that I share can help someone. So on and off throughout the month I will be sharing some of these quotes, and keeping a master list here.

Why am I doing this?

I know that I am not alone. We all go through crappy situations. All situations are different, but crap is crap. And even though these aren’t my words, these are words that have helped me. The source of them all will be on my Pinterest board linked above.

Quotes that have been shared: