Top Ten Tuesday: If these songs could be Books..

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Basically this week I am picking songs that I think would make excellent books in my opinion. Lyrically they create a story that I would love to read. I had made a list but it just wasn’t feeling right, so I scrapped it and now this is what you are left to read. 🙂

(ok….that would be the saddest book EVER, but I would read it. It was so hard to just pick ONE Brand New song)

(I just HAD to use the live one because OH MY GOSH!)

Basically I am going off of the feeling that the songs give me, and the stories that could be told just from some of the lyrics alone or those particular feelings. I think there are so many options with some of these.

What are some songs you wish you could turn into books?