How do you handle it when…

Books tackle every single real life issue that I can think of. Sometimes certain issues are covered more than others (and some of us get upset about that, which I get) but typically it brushes on something. These issues are things we may have strong opinions or feelings about and sometimes reading about them fill us with various emotions.

So my question…

How do you handle reading a book that tackles a topic that you are very much against?

Maybe the writing is really good. Maybe it’s a story that you have thus far gotten lost in, a world that you feel connected to. Maybe the characters are so relatable that you just feel so in love with how everything is going.

And then, the issue presents itself. Yes, you have been completely and totally into the story, super invested, and yet…that issue sticks out like a sore thumb.

For example (since I am not going to throw out the book I am reading because spoilers)…you are reading this awesome book. Everything just clicks and you feel like this is the perfect book for you to be reading at this exact moment. And then you come across an issue such as creationism or evolution, and they are very pro the one that you are against. Or maybe there’s an abortion issue and the text is very pro-choice or pro-life and you are not. (again, not giving you my personal opinions on things because this is not meant to start a debate)

How do you handle this? Do you brush it off and hope the issue doesn’t play a huge role in the story? Do you stick with the book no matter what, or do you set it down and never really try again? Does this change your opinion of the book, characters, and author?

This is not meant to start a debate about any particular issue. I think we all have our own opinions and typically an internet debate does nothing more than anger someone and cause unnecessary drama. I just want to know how you approach this situation in your reading. It has happened to me multiple times and I just never really know how to respond. Sometimes I put it down, other times I stick with it and find that my feelings have changed.

How do you handle this? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂