So long Summer 2016!

I still am shocked that summer is over. My summer was not exactly the best, but that doesn’t mean that I want it to end. I live for the long days, sunshine, and endless amounts of summer fun (which I really didn’t get to participate in that much this year). But like all good things, summer must end. And luckily one of my other favorite seasons follows. I am sad to say goodbye to summer, but ready to say hello to apples, boots, crunching leaves, and beautiful fall colors (but get that pumpkin spice out of my face please and than you).

So, to say goodbye to the summer…here are a few moments that I enjoyed.

My summer started off pretty rocky, with a not so fabulous May and unnecessary drama that has since kind of resolved. During this rough month my husband was away, and decided that as soon as he got back we should take our first Door County trip. And boy, was it worth the money. If you are in this area I highly recommend going. It is so gorgeous and relaxing. I came back feeling totally rejuvenated and ready to take on the stress in my life.

After that weekend involved some other busy weekends with graduations and…my husband taking Command of his unit. I am so incredibly proud of him for taking this on because I know it’s not easy. But it is so flattering to have him be selected at such a young age, and I know he will do great things. The ceremony was simple yet so very cool, and his parents were even able to make it out to watch. A very cool weekend.


We took an impromptu Chicago trip with a friend of ours. We are only about 3 hours away, so we picked a day and went down there. We did the touristy things, like visiting the Bean, and then went to a bar where you could also play arcade games for free. Needless to say, I found my calling in a few of those games and was destroying. It was a lot of fun.

This past month I was able to spend a whole week back in my hometown. Granted, the week long stay was to dog-sit, but all for the fabulous cause of celebrating my friend’s final weeks before her wedding. She was able to fly up and we had an awesome time painting mason jars and walking around in our Minnesota Sports gear. And though these celebrations were a big reason for my stay, I was also fortunate to meet up with Lauren from Live, Love, Read while she was in my hometown area! It was so fun to actually meet in person after having been talking to her for years and to make her try a Minnesota specialty….Caribou Coffee.


Other than those few highlights my summer has involved working when I am able, trying to figure out what’s next in my life plan, hanging out with friends when we all actually have time time (I have a busy group of friends), some trips home to see the family, and reading. Here’s just a few more pictures of my summer 2016.

As sad as I am to see summer go, I am so ready to see what this new season has in store for me. I have so many plans already and have some good feelings about where this is going to go. Hooray for Fall 2016!

A Look Back at Summer 2015

I am one of the many that is still in shock that summer is over. I love summer. I live for summer. No, I don’t like the heat and humidity, but I am one that definitely needs the sunshine and I love to wear sundresses and to be outdoors. I also like fall, so summer ending is kind of bittersweet. But here is a bit of a recap of my non-book life of the summer….

My summer started with a road trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. 21911_10204488406991833_2857101522474177153_n11231154_10204489337575097_4638290156094751640_n

We were at the state park for the wedding of Jake’s best friend from college, which also kicked off the summer of weddings quite nicely. It was fun to go back up to where I had vacationed as a kid. Fun to relive some memories. Note: I did not cross the Mississippi this time. It was a bit chilly for that.


There were some work related adventure to be had this summer. I kicked off my summer with kids on a day long field trip, followed by an evening of preschool graduation festivities. Did I immediately pass out after getting home? Yep. I also, maybe like a week later, got to take some of the kids strawberry picking. FIRST TIME ALERT! I had never been strawberry picking, and those were the most delicious strawberries I have ever had.

11403035_10204723465988161_5059477366606041870_n 10346184_10204631909539307_7520282409213326206_n

I finally was able to take a few boating trips with my mom and her husband back home. I was never home to do that last summer and before that I just never had the time. I love boating. So relaxing. I also was reminded that living without AC is the worst, but if I can make my own popsicles I should because they are PERFECT for helping you cool down.


WE GOT TO GO HOME FOR THE 4TH OF JULY!  And since the 4th fell on a weekend this year we were able to make it for the hometown festivities on the 3rd as well. It’s always fun to be back home and to remember why I love so much to be in a small town. One day I will be back guys. It’s just not time yet!

11831799_10204863076758343_2388579535893694533_n 11698563_10204669282433606_3882839741055226154_n

I went to my first ever game at Miller Park. And thankfully the Twins won that game! I really enjoyed my experience at their park. It was just fun. Also, my first experience tailgating, even though we basically downed a couple beers while walking to the stadium. It still counts right? No…probably not. I should probably experience real tailgating.

11822490_10204868248927644_496432313924738524_n 11800262_10204869588761139_8833296336463964853_n

My little sister moved to California. I may have cried a little bit (but I think there were some other life factors going on there) but it was fun to hang out with her before she left. Her excitement was contagious, and I am really pumped to see where this takes her. That was the last time all of us have been in the same place since AT LEAST Christmas, and now we wait until next Christmas when we are all together again. Yes, I am the oldest. Yes, I am the shortest. The tallest is the youngest. It’s weird and I just really want to gain a few inches (and I’m not that short guys…my brother is just freakishly tall).

11214297_10204908545015021_2625320004122495150_n 11924231_10204993317654284_7413425613292158041_n

I mentioned weddings right? Ha I had TWO MORE in August (and I have one more on Friday!). The top one is one of my best friends from high school. I am so happy for him and his wife and wish we could hang out more often. The other wedding was for some friends we have made in Wisconsin (GO US! MAKING FRIENDS!). Both weddings were SO much fun and both weddings were so tailored to the couple getting married. I guess as a kid I really didn’t pay attention to the details to see if the weddings fit the couple, but all of the weddings this year have fit the couple and all of the couples have looked happier than I have ever seen them. Also, I got to introduce Wisconsin to the Dolphin Dance, and I started a craze clearly. 🙂


All in all, this summer was a lot of fun. It definitely flew by, but I am ready for all the wonderful things that fall brings, and I am ready to finally enjoy it.

Anyone else have some awesome memories from summer?