Let Me Plan your Valentine’s Day!

My exact feelings towards the month of February!

It’s no secret that I do not like Valentine’s Day. If you celebrate it that’s totally cool and I have nothing against you at all. Each person is entitled to their own feelings, but these are just mine. I do not like the idea of using this one day to show people that you love them when you could be showing it EVERY day. I am not a fan of the idea of HAVING to make a plan or else it seems like you don’t care for your significant other. I also do not like the color pink, so there is that. My basic thoughts are why can’t you send someone flowers on other days when it’s not an expectation. Why is it expected that we show our love on this particular day? That being said, I have no issues if you want to celebrate that day and do all the stuff that people like to do. It’s just not something I will participate in. Would I say no to flowers or chocolate or other feelings of people caring for me on that day? No. Would I try to return the favor? Yes. I’m not heartless. I just feel like my feelings can be shown ANY day.

So, since I am not a fan of Valentines day what do I think you should do for this particular day. If you are me (or if you have so wonderfully volunteered your assistance) you would be moving to your new apartment. Not everyone is so lucky to have plans like this. So I am here to plan your Valentine’s day, because why not? There are some things you should definitely take advantage of.


Seriously, how often are there such fabulous deals on chocolate. Hardly ever. Stock up! Or plan out your February 15th shopping with where to get the best deals for chocolate in mind. You could also probably stock up on some wine and other fantastic things, because why not?

Just don’t do this. This is not why you should take advantage of all the deals

You should probably send cards like this:

Because this one just had to be number one, obviously. You know that when you get this one from me that I mean it, from the bottom of my heart 🙂 
My love for Winston Bishop is off the charts. And if you haven’t watched New Girl you should, because Winston is the best (though I do love them all).
Walking Dead Valentines FTW!
Walking Dead Valentines FTW!
Walking Dead Valentines FTW!
Walking Dead Valentines FTW!

Yeaaaa, if you can find some good Walking Dead Valentines we could be friends.

Nothing shows how much you love someone more than a Ben and Leslie card.
Nothing shows how much you love someone more than a Ben and Leslie card.
LOTR Valentines are nice too.

c7106b77a1c4fa555b21f833a15938ef this one!tumblr_mi3bnkZaqW1qd55jdo3_1280

You should probably watch movies like this:


Warm Bodies has become one of my favorite movies, and I talked about it on my old blog and my extreme love or it. A zombie love story? Yes please! It’s full of some cheesiness, yes, but I love it. The main character is the zombie, and his inner monologue is PERFECT! Why not watch zombies connect with humans and see where it leads? Plus, Nicholas Hoult is perfection.



500 Days of Summer is one of those ALL TIME FAVORITE movies. It’s not your stereotypical love story, and it’s more about the journeys you might have to go through and the people you meet throughout life. The writing is awesome, the cast is great (Joseph Gordon Levitt for the win guys! Seriously), and it makes you feel all the feels!

Lovely soundtrack, and…a moment of breaking out into random song and dance.

This movie is filled with excellent shots, great writing, and so many moments that honestly make you think about things. It’s a movie I bought kind of on a whim. I had heard good things but had never watched it prior to purchasing it. Man am I glad I did. If you don’t make time for this movie on Valentine’s Day I guess it’s ok, but seriously…make time for this movie! Now I’m all amped up. I may just have to do a post on this particular movie.

So there you have it. Your plans for this Saturday are set. Movies, wine, chocolate (and any other deals you can snag). Seriously, you can thank me later.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way? What do you do? Or do you try hard to not celebrate it? Also…can you answer this question for me…