The possible cause for the blogging slump

I think I have found the cause of my blogging slump.

Yes, it’s not a shock I’ve been in a slump for awhile. My posts have become more sporadic, and the ones that I have been posting aren’t always the discussion type that I really enjoy doing. I don’t do a ton of book chats or anything that really shows opinions, which isn’t bad…but it was something I once loved doing so much.

My biggest thing these days…I’m nervous to voice my opinions.

That sounds absolutely ridiculous when I type it out like that, but it’s true.

I feel like I’m a fairly considerate person. I am always trying to be aware of how others may read what I say and I do my best not to be hurtful to them. I don’t ever want to cause anyone anxiety, stress, or any sort of triggering moments. I want to have a safe space, and I want to give people a safe space. The fact that we can voice our opinions is great, but when it doesn’t promote honest discussion it just becomes harmful.

My problem is that while we all view things differently, so many people use those views to bring others down instead of having an actual conversation. I have seen it happen on Twitter so many times. Someone says something, innocently or not, and it becomes a HUGE thing that negatively impacts the person that said it. There are times where people are rude to be rude, ignorant, or just tearing others down for fun. My thoughts would never be used in those ways, but I fear that people will jump on the negative and go after me for it. Taking the time to discuss with me and inform me on where I might be coming up short in my thoughts in a more polite way is so much more beneficial than yelling at me and telling me I am wrong.

I guess my fear is that I will make one silly mistake and become just that person that everyone goes after. I’m not saying that I feel like what I say is on the front page of everything, but it’s the internet…things get out. One silly mistake, one time that I have an opinion that comes out wrong, one time I say something that shows I may not be as informed as I should be…that could be it. I don’t want that. I want to discuss. I want to see where my shortcomings may be and what I can do to improve my thoughts and opinions. I want to see that maybe I’m not alone in my thoughts and opinions.

Basically, to sum it all up…I fear that I am not able to have honest discussions. I want to have open and honest discussions, but there are too many people who tear you down for just ONE mistake, one mistype, one wording issue…I don’t want that.

I want to have honest discussions, and I want to be able to talk openly about things and have people help me see if I’m in the wrong. I just don’t know if I can do that here anymore.

I’m not quitting blogging. There are times that this is the one thing that helps me relax. I am, however, rethinking things and my approach to blogging.

So tell me…do you ever feel like this, and what advice would you give me here?


5 thoughts on “The possible cause for the blogging slump

  1. I relate to this so much! I had a huge blogging slump for ages, and I was away for 5 months. Every time I thought about posting, I would experience that exact same anxiety. I kept seeing this happen on Twitter too, and I felt like all I was ever seeing from the book community any more was this ‘call out’ culture, where people were hounded for mistakes they’d made, without ever intending to offend any one. I am so scared of doing that too, even though I would never intentionally offend any one and would always try to be respectful in my opinions. I think at the end of the day we just have to do our best. xxx

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    1. It’s honestly so nice to know that I’m not alone in this! I think opinions are a wonderful thing and working with others is great, but it has become more of the “call out” culture in my eyes and I just don’t ever want to be the one called out, especially since it would never be my intention to be in that situation. But seriously, so glad to know I’m not alone. πŸ™‚

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      1. Aww, you’re definitely not alone! It’s one of the things that had me really nervous to come back to blogging. I completely agree that discussions and opinions are wonderful – I just wish people could be a bit more patient and understanding with each other. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and like you said, we would never intend to hurt anybody with our opinions! xxx


  2. Kel

    It’s not ridiculous at all. It’s hard to communicate online without tone and nonverbal cues and, let’s face it, people will say things online they’d never say (or at least think twice about saying) in person. It’s rough. On the bright side, I think if you want to have actual meaningful discussions, a blog is a better place to do it than say Twitter. Character limits seem to make misunderstandings extra likely, and it’s a little too instant? Blog posts and comments are more like an email for me: I’m more likely to stop and read over what I’ve written because hitting send.

    I’m a little slow on blogging too these days because work and job hunting. πŸ˜› But I know there are still people out there who are interested in real, deep discussions. There are a couple of topics I only discuss in person, face-to-face for all the reasons you listed, but I love finding a good discussion post that makes me think and want to talk more. πŸ™‚

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    1. You do have a point. A blog post is a much better place for these discussions that Twitter is. I’m just one that always really thinks through what they say and how people will take it. The internet makes it real difficult to cover up poor phrasing, etc.

      Hope the job hunt is going well!!


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