If We Were Having Tea (6)

20638302_10210095186557818_268576923072112750_nI have seen this post many times over at Jamie’s page (The Perpetual Page Turner) and have always wanted to give it a shot. I think it’s fun, personable, and a great way to kind of get to know one another. So, I thought why not give it a shot? But there will be a bit of a difference…we won’t be having coffee. Instead, I will be having tea.

If We Were Having Tea…


  • I would tell you that I’m between books. WEIRD RIGHT!? I just haven’t really had the time or motivation to pick up anything. I’ve read less than normal this month, and I think I have finally made peace with that. However, TOTALLY ready to get back into something. What are you reading right now?
  • I would tell you that part of my reading woes is that I’m struggling to pick something to read because I just can’t settle. I just finished The City of Veils by S Usher Evans and LOVED it. I am thinking I need some more fantasy in my life. What are some of your go-to fantasy recommendations?
  • I would tell you that after having some rough months due to winter and my seasonal depression I am finally having good days. I can’t even accurately describe what is happening, but something has clicked in me and I am happy. I am motivated. I am not sitting here drowning in my lack of self-confidence. It’s a beautiful thing and I am doing all that I can to keep it up. How are you doing now that winter is finally nearing the end?
  • I would tell you that husband has gotten me into a lot of new shows. We have gotten back into watching shows together, and have successfully finished Venture Bros, The Passage, and have just started The Runaways. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been getting much reading done… Have you gotten into any good shows lately?
  • I would tell you that I think I have given up running. Ok, not entirely given up on it, but I’m taking a pause. I have found that if I don’t enjoy a workout then I do it less, lose motivation, and end up frustrated. I don’t enjoy running. I enjoy a 5k every now and then, but running just feels like work. I want working out to be fun, and I have found the love for lifting. So it’s time to switch gears and work out how I want to. Do you have any particular workouts that you enjoy doing?
  • I would tell you that I am super excited about my weekend away to Chicago! I leave tomorrow evening and will be spending my birthday weekend with my husband. I have needed a weekend away for SO LONG. I definitely have felt stuck up here, so to even just get out of this area is a blessing. I mean, I would have loved a tropical vacation, but this will have to do. Do you have any fun weekend plans?
  • I would tell you that I turn 30 this weekend! The big 3-0. I know that people freak out about this age. They are either terrified of it or excited for it. Honestly, I feel pretty meh about it. I mean, I’m getting older. It is what it is. I have experienced so many ups and downs throughout my life that make turning 30 to be a bit bittersweet. But it’s my golden birthday and I want to celebrate. I remember as a kid I would complain that I wouldn’t hit my golden birthday until 30 because it just seemed like forever away. I see you 12 year old me. We made it. Did you or do you have any extreme feelings about turning 30?
  • I would tell you that I’ve been experiencing drama, and it has weighed heavily on me. I don’t even know if it’s drama, but it’s definitely some changes in life that I wasn’t totally ready for that kind of hit me in the face. And, despite that, I think I’m actually doing ok. It’s weird. I strongly believe that people are put into our lives for reasons, good or bad. I think that all the relationships that I have had a purpose in my life and have built me to be who I am. People change, people grow, things happen. I think lately I have really come to terms of past relationships that have ended while also dealing with changes in my life currently. Some of it has hurt, but it has all caused me to really evaluate where I am in life and where I want to go. I’m honestly feeling so good, and so happy. I feel confident in so much and maybe that’s why? I’m not too sure. Do you think that all relationships have some sort of purpose in your life, whether they are good or bad?
  • I would tell you that I AM SO EXCITED FOR BASEBALL SEASON! Baseball is huge in my life. I watched it with my dad, I played softball for a long time, and it holds such a special place in my heart. I am so excited for it to start up again. I’ve missed it so much. Are you into any sports?

I hope you are all having a wonderful last week of March. Anything exciting happening in your life? I miss talking to you all and I am so ready to fully dive back into blogging. Expect to see more from me soon.


5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea (6)

  1. I would tell you that I’ve gotten out of a huge writing slump and am happily writing again. I don’t if it was work or the weather or what but it’s good to be out of the funk. I would tell you about my upcoming plans to visit my in laws and that while it’ll be super cold in Maine 🥶 I will pack all the layers. Layers!!! I would talk to you about the various shows I’ve finished with the hubby – we are working on Farscape, finished the umbrella academy, and are in the middle of a Netflix original movie IO. As for books my current reads are less middle grade and YA and more historical romance and Harlequin Presents. My favorite workout is when it doesn’t feel like a workout and that’d be at the ballet studio. Then it’s dancing and working on getting better at dancing. I’ve increased my strength and limberness over the past year which has me pumped. Let’s see what else? Oh I’m playing a bunch of legacy style board games with the hubby and a friend. We’re also doing a murder mystery subscription box and the last box was tough but we got through it. My new favorite gadget is a robot vacuum. Serious life changer. It’s like when I swapped to a smart phone. I’ve been so impressed I wish I had gotten one sooner and not the three weeks ago that I got mine. And I would ask if you needed a refill because clearly we’d be chatting for a while!

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    1. Oh goodness we would be chatting for awhile! What legacy games have you been playing? We’re always looking for new games to help us limit our screen time and such. Stay warm in Maine! It’s been nice in Wisconsin, but I’m sure that’s still not quite what you’re used to. Not sure what Maine weather is like…


      1. My husband says it’ll be in the fifties and Florida is trying to prep me for that with 65 degree weather but it’s going to be a big temp drop for me and I’m going to act very Floridian and probably break out a coat that’ll have Mainers laughing hysterically. 😜 the legacy game we are playing is seafall and even though it’s not considered one of the better legacy games once we got past the first two game plays we got into a rhythm and it’s been very enjoyable. The first two games were hard because of learning and remembering all the rules but game play isn’t difficult. It’d be great as a pc video game to be honest because you would have the ability to reset once you understood everything. Also doesn’t hurt that I’m kicking butt in it and crushing all and wide. 😁

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  2. Kel

    I hope you’re having a fantastic birthday weekend, Emily! It’s great to get away and take a break every now and then, especially on your birthday. 🙂

    I’m between books too. My go-to fantasy recs are probably Diana Wynne Jones and Ilona Andrews. I’ve been watching a little bit of Grimm, but work’s taking up a lot of time, and my clerkship ends in August, so I’m job hunting too. Fun stuff. 😛 I’m trying to exercise more too, and you’re right. If you don’t find something you enjoy, zero motivation to do it. My problem is I hate exercising in general unless I’m playing a sport or something, lol. Gotta get back on the tennis court once the weather warms up!

    Have a wonderful time in Chicago!

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    1. Thank you! While I did have some fun in Chicago for my birthday, the flu showed up. So what was fun turned miserable. But I still enjoyed some of it. Playing sports is awesome exercise. I hope you can get back on the tennis court soon!

      Hope all is going well with the job hunt and everything 🙂


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