Emily’s February 2019 recap

Leave it to February to prove to me that January is not the longest winter month ever.


February was the snowiest on record. I spent at least 2 days a week shoveling, once it took me nearly 4-5 hours because it was so heavy and I had to take breaks. And if it’s not snow, then it’s ice. The days have been cold, miserable, and I am so happy to see the end of the February.

While I spent much of my time shoveling snow, I did happen to get some reading in. It was honestly another good month of reading, an I really hope that I can continue my streak.

What did I read in February?:

You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn36146624

I’m not going to say a ton about this book since I will have an actual review coming up closer to release date, but I will say that I loved this book. I read it in 24 hours, which is not a normal thing for me. I fell in love with Annie, Clay, and the world that they were navigating through. I laughed, I cried, and I was moved by this book and the way that it tackles some heavy stuff. It comes out on April 2nd, so you best get that pre-order in! You do not want to miss this (full review to come later this month).

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory 33815781

I have heard so many good things about this book. I heard that it was a fun, swoon worthy romance that cannot be missed. I, unfortunately, am not super into the romance genre. I have tried many books and tried to be sure that they were highly rated and loved, and they typically just fall short. This was yet another one of those for me. I can see what it is that people love about this book. I think the writing was great, and the characters were awesome, but it was not something that fully clicked with me. Definitely just a me issue.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah34912895

I don’t know if there are words that can accurately describe my feelings for this book. This book ripped my heart out. It took me deep into the Alaskan bush and just slayed me. I was thrown into this family’s world. I was deep in their happiest moments as well as their darkest moments. I hit all of the emotions in this one, and it had be ugly crying (which is a sign to me that it’s an incredible book). This is the 2nd book by Kristin Hannah that I have read, and I am definitely going to be reading more from her.

My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Brodi Ashton36301023

I absolutely ADORED My Lady Jane, so I was pretty excited to read the next Jane book from the Janies. I love their writing style, love how their writing compliments one another, and love the humor they add into their books. While I enjoyed this book and found it to be a fun take on Jane Eyre, I think I preferred My Lady Jane over this one. I totally see what it is about this book that people love, but it just didn’t hit those notes with me. I struggled with Jane Eyre though, so that could be part of my issue. Oh well. I still enjoyed it, just wasn’t my favorite book of the month.

In February I didn’t really binge watch anything. My husband and I are still watching a few of the shows from last month (Venture Bros, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Passage) and I’ve really just taken to re watching shows because I have wanted that comfort in these darker moments of winter.

Music has been pretty big for me though. Some of my most popular February songs:

If you want to see the 2019 list I have going, check it out here

Besides those few things, my February was pretty low key. Mentally, it’s been a tough month. February is hard to begin with so adding the additional record breaking elements of winter, it make it difficult for sure. But I powered through and now I’m facing March.

In March I have a few things planned. It’s birthday month (whooo!). I don’t normally get too hyped about my birthday, but it’s my 30th (and golden) so I am trying to do some fun things this month. I have two races coming up (yea, how can those be fun right?), one of which involves ending at a beer festival. I have a weekend to Chicago planned, and I have plans to keep killing it at the gym and working through some books. My goal is to finish the Throne of Glass books before I turn 30. I have one giant book left, so I hope that I can do it. March looks like it will be filled with all kinds of things, and I am sure I will slay it.

How was your February? Any big March plans?


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