Emily’s January 2019 recap

Am I alone in thinking that January has lasted roughly 66526584 days?


But for real…I don’t know if it’s the cold that the month has ended with, the length of days, or just the general seasonal depression setting in but man…January just will not end.

To be totally honest, it’s been a rough month for me. Mentally I have been struggling and really having a hard time getting out of that rut. And then, of course, have to end the month with a snowstorm that then leads to the coldest temperatures we have seen in a very long time. Yea, I’m over winter and my mood is just not improving.

Even with that, I did find time to read. I read 4 books in January, which is pretty normal (though I probably could have read more had I not been distracted by Hulu and Netflix). Here’s what I read:

18304322Dumplin’ by Julie Muphy

Confession, I watched the movie before the book. I was a little hesitant just because some contemporary doesn’t always work for me. I wanted to see just how the story was told before I dove in. And honestly…I liked the movie better. I feel like a bad book nerd. I think that this book had a lot of good qualities but I also was a little upset by how certain situations were handled. I liked that you could see Willowdean growing and becoming a better person, but I also found her to be pretty mean and not a great friend. I think I saw more of a change in her in the movie. And I think maybe not solely being in her head helped me. I don’t know. I just know that while I think it’s awesome that it resonated with so many people it just did not do the same for me. It was good, but it just wasn’t at the level I was expecting.

26032825The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Yes…I finally jumped on the hype for this one. I actually read it with an awesome group of book nerds (Arika included) and we were able to fangirl, complain, and express our feelings together. I really enjoyed this book. I can’t say I like any of the characters, and I don’t think I even ship the ship, but the drama and the world that surrounded it…LOVED IT! I couldn’t wrap my brain around all of the twists and turns and I really can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I don’t think I can accurately describe my feelings for this book. It’s dark, so if you aren’t into dark books I would shy away from it. But if you are into fantasy and want to get lost in the drama of a world…highly recommend.

38720939A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi

This book was so good. I think it’s a story that needs to be told. During and after 9/11, I lived in a small community. We weren’t exactly the most diverse, but I never really thought of it either because that’s just how my life was. I knew that life post 9/11 was hard for the Muslim community. I know that they struggled and I empathized, but since it wasn’t a part of my day to day world I didn’t do more than that. This book opened my eyes to the goings on during the days that I was the most naive. It bothers me so much that we treat those with different beliefs, cultures, and looks in the worst way possible, but it’s on a whole other level when you read it and when you realize that those getting treated poorly aren’t that much older or younger than you were at that point. I think this book is important and would open up a lot of great conversations. Definitely recommend reading it.

34810320Sadie by Courtney Summers

Oh my gosh, this book. I feel so weird saying that I loved it, but I loved it. I’ve gotten into listening to true crime podcasts over the past couple of years so this book really worked for me. I loved the format and I loved the writing so much. But, it’s a gruesome story. I mean it’s about Sadie’s disappearance after her younger sister is murdered. It’s about what she does and what is happening. There are so sad and unfortunate situations in there that are the reality for many young girls and women in the world. This book broke my heart. This story will sit with me for a long time. And I think that right there is what makes it so good. It’s realistic and makes me want to try to do all I can to help anyone in that situation. Anything.

I also got incredibly distracted by Hulu and Netflix. I mean, there’s something about curling up on the couch in a bunch of blankets and just watching something that really speaks to me. I have been trying to limit my screen time, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Here’s what I’ve been watching


Basically, I just want to know how a 25-30 minute show can pack in SO much drama and get me so addicted. LOVE IT.

the-passageThe Passage

I have to say I never read the book, and I don’t know if this would be a book I would be into. But…this show is pretty good. I love the pacing and everything and I sure hope Fox doesn’t cancel it. Anyone else watching this one?

brooklyn-nine-nine-23916-1366x768Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I finally am caught up and that both makes me happy and sad. I love this show so much! How is it possible that it is ALWAYS so funny?

new-girl-season-6New Girl

I finally finished New Girl! And I gotta say, I’m cool with it being over. And now…my unpopular opinion: I strong dislike Jess. I just can’t stand her and am so thankful that I love everyone else on this show. They all save it for me.

3955409Venture Bros (thanks husband…)

I can’t say I picked this show for myself. It happens to be a favorite of my husband’s and it’s growing on me and taking up some of my time so I definitely thought it was worth sharing. It’s…well it’s something.

And of course, with the new year comes a new Spotify playlist. I tend to make a playlist every year of songs I have discovered, so naturally, I started over with that in January. Here are some of my favorites thus far:

Other than that I haven’t had a very exciting January. It has been filled with work, stress, reading, and kind of laying low as we are working through some finances and such as everyone seems to do after the holidays. See, nothing too exciting. Maybe that’s why January has not been my favorite?

Looking ahead at February is kind of nice. I have a few plans and some hopes to accomplish some personal and professional goals, or at least lay the groundwork to start towards them. So here’s to a new month, new goals, and hopefully some warmer temperatures!

How was your January? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Emily’s January 2019 recap

  1. January did feel pretty slow, but also fast now that it’s over? Although that may be more that I’m only a month away from the PA bar exam, so panic. I think the cold/hibernation season lends itself well to chilling under a blanket with a movie or TV show. Your hands stay warmer than they would reading.

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