If We Were Having Tea (5)

20638302_10210095186557818_268576923072112750_nI have seen this post many times over at Jamie’s page (The Perpetual Page Turner) and have always wanted to give it a shot. I think it’s fun, personable, and a great way to kind of get to know one another. So, I thought why not give it a shot? But there will be a bit of a difference…we won’t be having coffee. Instead I will be having tea.

If we were having tea…


  • I would tell you that reading has been a STRUGGLE lately. It’s not that I’m not reading anything good, it’s that my life feels like it’s just chaos and there’s something to be said about sitting in front of Netflix when life is a mess. I am still working on War and Peace (just had to catch up after being 2 weeks behind…oops) and am currently working on The Librarian of Auschwitz (SO good!)
  • I would tell you that it’s clearly been awhile since I wrote anything with life updates. I remember talking about my half marathon a lot because I was nervous. Well, I DID IT! In August. I ran with a goal to finish in under 3 hours and I finished in 2:58. Pretty awesome right? I didn’t cry at the finish line but I did cry when my husband called me. He was gone for military stuff that month and it was nice to have him call me and congratulate me. While I wish he could have been there, I am super proud of myself and definitely plan to do another one.
  • I would tell you that I GOT A NEW JOB! I don’t think I’ve written about that at all. I have officially exited the education world and am now working in an office coordinating schedules. It’s been a learning curve for sure, but I am loving it. It’s amazing to get to the point in life where I don’t dread coming in to work. I miss my old job at times. I miss some of my former co-workers and those kids always made things interesting, but I felt like I made the best choice for me and I am loving it.
  • I would tell you that I went on a road trip in September and it was amazing. We drove out to Washington to see some family, and made some stops along the way. I won’t post all the pictures, but know that I had so much fun. It was so nice to get a break and to camp and just enjoy the beauty that is the West.
  • I would tell you that I’m kind of, sort of, potentially debating starting another blog. In case you were concerned, this blog would be IN ADDITION TO the one you’re currently reading this post on. I think this other blog would be a different part of my life that I don’t really share a ton of on here, but I’m not sure yet. It’s a lot to think about, but I’m also getting more excited about the idea of it. I obviously will let you know if that’s a thing. But I will continue to blog about books and nerdy things here (once I get my act together, which is feeling like it’s happening).
  • I would tell you that I am searching for some sort of escape. Not to like run away or anything like that, but it’s been a lot of drama around here these days. While I’m not directly in the line of fire I am still getting hit with things and I just need a break. What do you recommend when life gets like that, where you just need a temporary escape from it all?landscape-1470146734-harley-quinn-reading-tea
  • I would tell you that I am so ready for the Holidays. I was thinking about my Christmas tree yesterday and all the logistics that go with it. I’m not the best decorator in the world, but I have a lot of fun with it. Christmas is so nostalgic for me and I am so ready to dive into that feeling.
  • I would tell you that I recently have been super into the podcast My Favorite Murder. I don’t typically get into podcasts like this, but they have a way of talking about these horrendous things that creates a feeling of empathy. It’s also a great reminder of what to do if you get into one of those uncomfortable situations. Anyone else in to podcasts? What ones?tenor
  • I would tell you that I have the urge to treat myself to a movie. My husband is out of town constantly and I have been wanting to go to a movie, but I seem to feel weird taking myself. Anyone else like this? Well I’m thinking it’s time I get over this and go to a movie. But…what movie should I go see???? I’ve been wanting to see A Star is Born and The Hate U Give but I can’t decide which one is priority…..first world problems. Have you seen anything good lately? What should I go to (pending my theater has it…)?
  • I would tell you that I HAD A LIFE CHANGING NIGHT IN SEPTEMBER (EXACTLY ONE MONTH AGO THIS DAY)! I WAS LESS THAN 10 FEET AWAY FROM JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AT HIS CONCERT IN MINNESOTA! It was a crazy night where our nosebleed seats got upgraded to ground floor FOR FREE and we were able to get as close as possible and oh man. I cried a bit. I have loved Justin since NSYNC. I would say he was my first celebrity crush for sure. So yea, I think I am still riding that high. My sister continually made fun of me because she said I had zero chill, but I would like to say there were SO many people there that were worse than me and that it was a legit excuse to have no chill. But I also have video from the concert and you can definitely hear me like scream crying in the background. It’s whatever. I’m not ashamed. This, on top of vacation, and a few other moments made a typically crappy month AMAZING. Justin Timberlake, you will most definitely be in one of those top moments of my life. Thank you for that.


So…how have you all been doing!? I’ve missed you all so much. Let me know what’s up in your life. And don’t you worry, I’ll be back very soon!


4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea (5)

  1. Kel

    Super late to the party (thanks to a bar prep backed up inbox :P) but congratulations on the half marathon and the new job! That’s amazing! I know how much you were struggling with the last job, and I’m so glad you’ve found something that’s a better fit for you. Also, that road trip looks like a ton of fun!

    As for the drama train, hopefully it’s chilled out for the holidays, but if not, I tend to draw super clear, super strict boundaries regarding my interactions with people/the drama when that happens so I’m not dragged into anything and people know not to bring certain things to me. Depending on how messy it is, sometimes I just need a full day of chilling out alone with cheesy Hallmark movies to decompress and then I can deal with people again. 🙂

    It felt a little weird the first time I went to a movie alone, but I got over it pretty much as soon as the movie started. I recommend $5 Tuesdays at AMC if you have one near you!


    1. Late to the party means you’re still at the party! Thanks for the congrats. It’s been the BEST change I could have ever made. I’m learning a lot and hopefully getting some awesome work experience with it for the future.

      The drama has slowed. But only slowed. Now there’s family drama as I get ready to go back home for the holidays, which is super fun. Going to need some time along in my house with cheesy movies for sure.

      I ended up not doing a movie by myself. I was mentioning that I might do that to a friend and then she ended up coming with. But I will definitely need to try a solo movie at some point. I need to just do it, ha.


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