If We Were Having Tea (4)

20638302_10210095186557818_268576923072112750_nI have seen this post many times over at Jamie’s page (The Perpetual Page Turner) and have always wanted to give it a shot. I think it’s fun, personable, and a great way to kind of get to know one another. So, with it being a new year I thought why not give it a shot? But there will be a bit of a difference…we won’t be having coffee. Instead I will be having tea.


If we were having tea…

  • I would tell you that I am going strong with this whole War and Peace thing. Have been working hard to get one chapter read a day and I think I’m still caught up. In the car I am listening to Dread Nation by Justina Ireland, and I just started the book Over Raging Tides by Jennifer Ellision. What are you reading or listening to lately?
  • I would tell you that I started my half marathon training officially. It starts slow, so the thought of having to run 13.1 miles in a few months is BEYOND me, but I’m going to push through and get it done. Feeling pretty motivated. Do you have any events coming up that are motivating you?
  • I would tell you that the weather has FINALLY improved. We had a blizzard in the middle of April that basically shut down EVERYTHING, but since then…no snow. The temps have reached my comfort zone, the sun has been coming out, and that has made me pretty happy in general. How has the weather been treating you?
  • I would tell you that I still have the massive itch to travel further than what I seem to know. It was a year ago right now that I was in California, and I am just itching to get out of this place and see something new. Does not help that my friend and my husband are off to New York City, a place I would love to see but seem to be missing out on this year. A little frustrating, but oh well. I have a list of places I want to go, and I am going to try to get there. Have any travel plans coming up?
  • I would tell you that I am doing my best with this blogging thing. I’m really hoping that May is my month, though it hasn’t started off great. But I have to remember, the weather is warming up and I am going to be able to be out and about doing more things more often. I love summer, so the fact that that is coming up should also help, as well as knowing that I will be getting a break from my job which should help me refocus on things. How are you handling this new month?
  • I would tell you that I am on the job hunt. I have been feeling incredibly unhappy with where I’m at, and I’m really the only one stopping myself. So I’m back at it. I feel like my motivation is fresh and I’m ready to try what I can to make my situations better. Do you have any job hunting advice?
  • I would tell you that I have a busy summer coming up, or at least a busy June. Weddings and travel have really taken over my first month of summer, and I’m not even mad. I’m so tired of feeling stuck here, so I’m hoping some of this will help kick it. Do you have anything you’re looking forward to this summer?
  • I would tell you that I did, indeed, see Infinity War. I will only say that I have feelings, and I did not expect to leave with feelings. I don’t like that I left with feelings. But I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to having a fresh batch of movies come out this summer. Any summer movies that you are looking forward to?


2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea (4)

  1. Kel

    I’m impressed you’re tackling War and Peace! I’ve been studiously avoiding it…forever. Maybe some day? Best of luck on the job hunt! It’s a grind, but it’s worth it when you get an offer. I’ve been pretty irregular (cough nonexistent) on blogging too lately. We’ll see how that goes. I’m trying to focus on reading more and blogging when I feel like it. This summer is basically Bar prep and the Bar Exam, but I’m looking forward to seeing Infinity War sometime soon. Keep at it, Emily!

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