If We Were Having Tea (3)


I have seen this post many times over at Jamie’s page (The Perpetual Page Turner) and have always wanted to give it a shot. I think it’s fun, personable, and a great way to kind of get to know one another. So, with it being a new year I thought why not give it a shot? But there will be a bit of a difference…we won’t be having coffee. Instead I will be having tea.


If we were having tea…

  • I would tell you I am still rocking that chapter of War and Peace each day. I have been SLOWLY reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which is very good but definitely something I am taking my time with. Other than that I am not really reading a lot, which is too bad. What are you reading?
  • I would tell you I ran my first race of the year. It went pretty well, even though it was a low key race. I ran the fastest I ever have and I had a really great time. The weather was awesome too, so that helps. Do you have any races or events coming up?giphy
  • I would tell you that I just signed up for my first ever half marathon! AHHHHHHH! I am both excited and terrified because I never in a million years thought I would run even a 5k and now I’m signed up to run an extra 10 miles after that. It’s one of my goals for this year and I have plenty of time to train for it. How are your 2018 goals coming?
  • I would tell you that I am struggling with a co-worker at work. In general, this person is kind of creepy and is lacking a lot of social cues. I am trying SO SO hard to be polite and kind, but it’s becoming work. I honestly can’t handle it. Should be noted his creepiness is probably not intentional, and I am trying SO hard to not cause any more drama in a department that has had a rough year. What do you do when you are struggling with a coworker?tenor
  • I would tell you that I am STILL struggling with this whole blogging thing. Life has been stressful and I am definitely letting it get in the way. But I am trying. I have a list of ideas, I just need to sit and actually crank some stuff out (besides this post…but honestly…I love this post). How do you get back into routines?
  • I would tell you how excited I am for the weather to FINALLY be warming up. It hasn’t been a snowy winter here, but it seems that after it melts and warms up we get dumped on all over again. I am really tired of scraping off my car and am in need of more outdoor activities! Are you looking forward to the weather warming up?giphy1
  • I would tell you that I am counting down the days til spring break. My big plans…LIBRARY BOOKS! I plan on spending my days reading because I can’t really afford to go anywhere. I am pretty excited. Do you have any breaks coming up with big plans?
  • I would tell you that I’m off to the theater this weekend! I am so excited to take in my first ever show, and the fact that it’s Les Miserables is even better. Have you been to a show (and which ones if you have)?92ea265ce3eefd3719b31fdf73be921f

That’s all I have for today. Until next tea time all!


One thought on “If We Were Having Tea (3)

  1. Kel

    Warm weather will definitely be appreciated, though my dog is loving the cold and snow. Struggling with a co-worker is no fun. Depending on how much I *have* to interact with one, I either interact as little as possible or strive extra hard for clarity. I hope you love Les Mis! That was the first Broadway show I saw on stage, and it’s still my favorite. Have loads of fun!


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