What did Emily do for Spring Break?

A few weeks ago I had spring break. Yes. That time of year where I hear rumors of people taking trips and basking in the sun. sprangbreak

Did I do those things? Nope. I so wish that I could have. It was cold and rainy and I had so wished that I could have been anywhere with some sunshine. Instead of traveling and spending all that money I decided to do the next best thing…READ! I hit up my library for some books that I had been dying to read but couldn’t afford to buy (and some I was unsure about purchasing too).

So what books did I get?

spring break 2017 tbr

Yea…I had quite the list going. I seemed to pick a little of this and that to create a wide range of books to read, which really helped with my mood reading habits. My goal over spring break was to read as many of these as possible. Seemed like no big deal since I had no plans and could easily read a book a day it was doable. Unfortunately…not all the books were read. And even more unfortunate…some had requests so I could not renew them.

So…what books did I end up reading?

Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza

I had anticipated this one a lot. I thought it sounded really cool, a sci-fi that I could get behind even though I am not much of a sci-fi reader. Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me. I loved the concept. It had some amazing ideas behind it, but I just found that I didn’t enjoy it. To me the writing was choppy. I liked having two POVs, but it with the alternating chapters I actually felt like I was missing out on what was happening with Rhee while reading a chapter about Aly. I started to get confused, and I think that really started to sway my opinion of the book. There was also a romance that I didn’t fully buy, and the promise of characters meeting that never happened. I was pretty sad to not enjoy this one, but it is what it is.

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord

This is my second Emery Lord book. I immediately fell in love with her writing style after finishing When We Collided, so I knew that I needed to get another one of her books as soon as possible. Spring break seemed like the perfect time. I absolutely loved every single minute of this book. It was absolutely adorable in so many ways and I cannot gush enough about it. It showed some amazing friendships and reminded the reader of the importance of having those close relationships in your life. Though the romance was a part of this book, the biggest take away for me was the friendship. I absolutely loved that it seemed bigger than the romance. Obviously there were some swoons, and a friends turned romantic interest sort of story going on (my favorite). I loved the interpretations of grief in this book and found so many instances to really hit home for me. Wonderful writing and a wonderful read for my spring break.

Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

I just thought you should know that I am writing about the books in the order that I read them, so you can see that even in a matter of 4 days I went through reading moods. I adored Jennifer Niven’s first book, All the Bright Places. It made me feel all kinds of feelings and cry and I just adored it. It wrecked me in all the best ways. So obviously after that heartache I was drying to see what she was up to next. I enjoyed this book. I felt like while I did not cry I did feel a lot of different emotions as far as the situations that the characters were going through. My biggest thing was feeling sad. There were moments my heart ached because I know that people actually treat others like they treated Libby. It is so sad and uncalled for and it sucked to really digest that. I loved Libby. I loved her attitude and how far she seemed to come from some of the worst times in her life. I loved her fearless nature and I think that I could really use some of that strength that she has. I struggled with Jack, but in the end I did grow to like him which made sense with the story. This book shows the importance of family, friendships, and standing up for yourself. I don’t think I loved this book as much as I loved her first one, but I did enjoy it and am so glad I had the chance to do so.

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This series has become a typical spring break read for me. Last year I flew through Illuminae in a day during my spring break, and Gemina was no different. This book took me 24 hours. I still cannot get over the creativity of this book. My mind is constantly blown by authors because I lack the vision that they have and the stories that they tell. Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff take that up like 20 notches and leave me speechless. This book seriously had me thrown for loop after loop and I think that I am still recovering. I thought I had Hanna and Nik pegged from the beginning. I had so many theories about them but I seemed to be wrong every single time. These characters were strong, courageous, and fairly selfless. They lengths they went through to fight for people they hardly knew was crazy. It was such a cool thing to read. There were many head scratching moments, and so many times I was literally on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed this addition to the series and look forward to plowing through the next one after it comes out.

Unfortunately these three fabulous book (The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Caraval by Stephanie Garber) were not finished over spring break. I was fortunate enough to be able to keep Caraval a bit longer and finish it after spring break (but since I didn’t finish it during that time my thoughts don’t really belong on this particular post right?). Sadly the other two were due, and there were requests which made renewing impossible. I am sad because I was really looking forward to seeing what these books had for me. Guess I will have to get my hands on them at a later date.

Thoughts on Caraval are obviously to come…still processing.

So, those were the adventures that I had over spring break. I was a little all over the place, but in the end I felt like I read some pretty awesome books and have more that are on my list of books that I need to get my hands on ASAP.


QUESTION: What books would be on your ultimate spring break TBR?

2 thoughts on “What did Emily do for Spring Break?

  1. Kel

    Sorry the one book didn’t work out, but at least it sounds like you got in some fun reading during spring break! My spring break back in March was pretty dark and cold too (and I had to work through it), but I caught up on Ilona Andrew’s Clean Sweep series, so that was good. 🙂 Now we just have to survive the rest of the semester.

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