Top Ten Tuesday: Things we are BIG fans of

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Welcome back for another Top Ten Tuesday! This week everyone is talking about fandoms that they are a part of. Honestly…we don’t feel like we totally belong to a fandom. We fangirl over things, yes. But we don’t seem to get as deeply involved as many other people do. It’s totally cool if you are in a fandom. We here have nothing against it at all. We, however, don’t feel as immersed as you all get. There has to be varying degrees of fandom right? Well we are the type that LOVE these things, but don’t take it much further than that. So…here are 10 things that we are major fans of..

HARRY POTTER harry-potter

DISNEY MOVIES e1df0d32-2e79-4ab9-aef4-6df7946148a7

THE HUNGER GAMES 1db10593-3a46-4db0-8e24-1d0e55216770

SUPERHEROES (SHOWS AND MOVIES) 0d2422fc1530dba4f818a4fa5a9be2c5c968c0bdb72ed33bd3392aea0e3dc7fc

FAIRY TALE RETELLINGS cover-set-2-1024x253



SCRUBS  cc2f4e4977a3b1c91239e33f0c4f878f

GAME OF THRONES game-of-thrones-power-ranking

MINNESOTA chandleroleary_minnesota_2

Obviously we could keep listing things for you, but we will stop at 10. Don’t think you know all that we fangirl over just based off of this list 😉 Feel free to ask us more!

QUESTION: Are you a part of any fandom? Or are you just more casual fangirls like us?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things we are BIG fans of

  1. Kel

    I try to keep somewhat on top of a couple areas (like fairy tale retellings, superheroes and Disney), but I’m definitely a casual fan. I like the ability to come and go as I please, especially during finals time. ^^; Great list!

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  2. I am part of the Harry Potter fandom as well as Game of Thrones (though to a much lesser degree). I love Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles though I don’t consider myself part of the fandom. I thought A Court of Mist and Fury was amazing and can’t wait for the next book. I should read her Throne of Glass series sometime. Great list!

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  3. Nandini's Blog

    I love Harry Potter! When I finished the last page of the series I was so sad! JK Rowling did a great job of potreying magic, in the most beautiful of forms.

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