The Last Celebration of Love….with Arika!


Here we are, the last Friday in February and the last post here at Midwestern Book Nerd for our Celebration of Love! Over the past month we have talked about some of our favorite book couples. For Emily’s two posts, she has talked about Rob and Scarlet from the Scarlet series by A.C. Gaughen and Theo and Gailan from the Madion War Trilogy by S. Usher Evans. Both are great couples and I agree with Emily that everyone should pick up these two series if you haven’t read them! My first post talked about a couple that has stolen my heart…Feyre and Rhys from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. (Talk about getting hit in the feels for that second book, I still keep coming back to parts in that book that get me every time!). All three are great couples to talk about for our celebration of love. But with that being said, we have one more Friday and one more couple to talk about!

For me, it was a tough choice for my second and final couple to reminisce about in our Celebration of Love. I kept flip-flopping between multiple ones because there are so many couples that really tug on my heart-strings. But in the end, I decided to go with a certain couple that I just kept coming back to in my mind. Not only is this couple totally meant for eachother but when you add in a school of magic and a prince, it’s a love worth talking about!

My final couple is Ryiah and Darren from the Black Mage series by Rachel E. Carter. (And PSSSST….the final book came out earlier this month, it is a must read guys, A MUST READ!)


While I have yet to finish the series because my tbr list is crazy, the last book and novella are next on my pile of books!! I can not wait to finish this series and see the ending unfold. Though I must say I have followed this series since the beginning, I have fallen in love with this couple each time a new book in the series came out. Here are just some reasons why I love this couple and you should too:

  1. They Grow Together – If you have read the books you know that this definitely wasn’t an insta-love. Ryiah thinks that Darren gets whatever he wants because he is the son of the king or as she calls him “non-heir” (my favorite nickname :)), while Darren doesn’t seem to be a fan of her at first either. But they end up growing closer together over the series. Helping each other get through different obstacles while in school learning about their magic. And also helping each other after the Academy was over and they were competing for being the top mage. But overall it was a slow growth of love and affection and it was great. I love when a relationship is developed over a series and isn’t just instantly there.
  2. They Compete with Each Other – What I love about this couple is that they don’t back down from each other even though they like the other person. Ryiah, no matter how head over heals for Darren she is, still wants to be better than him. And the fact that Darren competes right back I think makes them more perfect for each other. It makes them work hard and be better than if one person let the other win.
  3. They Chose Each Other –  Both of them had different people they could have gone too (and frustrating as a reader you know those weren’t the people they should be with!). And at one point you don’t know if they will be together…it definitely played with your heartstrings! But it always came down to one thing, they kept choosing to be with the other person. It was almost like they had a unnatural pull for the other. I really can’t imagine Ryiah or Darren choosing anyone else in this series. It would just be really weird.

If you have the chance to pick up this series, I HIGHLY recommend it!!! You can find the first book on Amazon for $0.99 right now!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed our Celebration of Love this month and can’t wait to come up with our next Feature Friday theme!


QUESTION: Have you read this series? What is your all time favorite couple?


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