More Celebrations of Love…With Emily!


Hey Everyone! I am back and ready to celebrate another one of my favorite couples. Two weeks ago I talked about Rob and Scarlet from the Scarlet Series by AC Gaughen (swoon. I love them so much), and last week Arika talked about Feyre and Rhys of the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas (again, swoon. They are perfection). February isn’t over yet, and even though Valentine’s day has passed it doesn’t mean we stop talking about love. There are 364 days until next Valentine’s day, and that is plenty of time to show people how much you love them without needing a holiday. With that in mind we are going to continue to share our love for some of our favorite fictional couples.

I had a hard time picking couple number 2. This is my last post in our celebration and I honestly couldn’t narrow it down. There are so many fictional couples that I just know are meant to be together, and their relationships on the pages give me life (so to speak). So I did some thinking, some brainstorming, and I settled on a fabulous couple. In the end, my feelings for them can be summed up with this gif…


Huh, that doesn’t give it away? Weird. I thought for sure you would know EXACTLY who I was talking about. Well, my couple for today is…Theo and Gailan from the Madion War Trilogy by S Usher Evans (btw, the final book, The Union, came out this week. GET ON IT PEOPLE!)!


I absolutely adore this couple. They are a force that I would not want to mess with, and their love for each other is incredibly real and genuine. I love them because…

  1. They are capable of being independent. I love when couples love to be together. I love my husband and really enjoying spending time with him. I depend on him for a lot of stuff, but does that mean I am incapable of doing things on my own? Nope. The same is true for Theo and Galian. Would things be easier for them if they could face it all together all the time? For sure. Is that always possible? No. They spend time missing each other, but that doesn’t stop them from getting the job at hand done and moving forward so that one day that can face it all together.
  2. They started as friends. Ok, not totally true. They started as enemies. They are from countries that are at war with each other, so things definitely are not lovey-dovey at first. Their relationship builds. They begin to form bonds of trust and friendship before totally diving headfirst into the romantic aspect of their relationship. I love this, and I really think it’s important. I think that getting to know someone as a person before you take your romantic interests in them is such a great way to ensure a strong relationship. Obviously this doesn’t always work, but it’s still a pretty solid way to do things.
  3. They faced each challenge with their relationship head on. No, their relationship was never easy. They are from warring countries. Technically their relationship was forbidden (oh yes, forbidden romance right?). Even with these challenges they took it all in stride. There were times where it got tough, and where things seemed to be too hard. There were times where they wondered if they should back down. Even with all these thoughts they faced each moment head on, and this made them stronger.
  4. Both are headstrong and fought for what they believed in. They didn’t let their relationship get in the way of what was ahead. They made sure that the causes that they were fighting for continued to be fought for, and yet they never lost sight of each other. I have no idea why this appeals to me so much, but I just love how their relationship didn’t change what they valued or believed, but it made them stronger.
  5. They’re lobsters, and they’re real. I’m sorry, they are just destined to be together. SHE’S HIS LOBSTER! There is no way around it. On top of that they are real. They have flaws, they fight, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. They deal with real life problems that you or I would deal with. This relationship seemed like one that I could witness in my world, which really spoke to me. I love when I can see something in a book, in a world that technically doesn’t exist, and can picture it in the real world.

All in all, these two make a pretty awesome couple, and if I had my way I would continue to flail and add more gifs just to try to communicate how much I adore them.

That’s my last celebration of love post! I have loved writing these, and I am sure I will be flailing about more bookish couples in the future with you. Be sure to look for Arika’s final post for this series next week! And until then…READ THIS BOOK SERIES GUYS! I SWEAR YOU WON’T REGRET IT! (Need reasons to read it? Because I have a few for you…)

QUESTION: What’s one book couple that you think were always destined for each other?

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