Why you should read The Madion War Trilogy

I’ve done it. I have said goodbye to my first series of 2017.


Is that not one of the hardest things to do? On one hand you are SO excited to get your hands on this final book, to see what will happen with your favorite characters, and to find out just how the plot of the story will be resolved (Is it resolved? Does the author have more planned than this? ARE YOU SURE IT’S OVER? All questions that we ask ourselves). Next to that excitement you have some sadness. When you are holding that final book in your hands you realize that this is it. After this book there is nothing else that will transport you back to this world without doing a reread. You will never read this book, or any addition to the series, for the first time…again. It’s a bittersweet moment, which makes it hard to crack down and read it right away. But you must carry on and find out how the story will be concluded. I have had that experience once so far this year.


I held in my hand the final book of the Madion War Trilogy by S. Usher Evans, and I debated what I should do. Obviously I talked myself into starting it, maybe taking my time, but then…then I destroyed it and the novella that follows it.

My feelings after I finished this series, you may ask?

It’s hard to talk about the final book of a series. There is so much you want to talk about without giving away plot points. You don’t want to even hint that there is a huge plot twist because then people are anticipating it and maybe it’s not as big as you had thought. So instead of telling you all about The Union (which I loved and will definitely be leaving reviews for online because PERFECT CONCLUSION THAT HAD ME FEELING ALL THE FEELS AND I DIED A LITTLE AND FINISHED WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE) I am going to tell you that you have to pick up this series. Because seriously, you do. Why?

  • Characters.
    • I adored Theo and Galian. They are both such different characters that you know just NEED TO BE TOGETHER. They are stubborn, headstrong, and so much like a person you could walk up to on the street it’s insane. The strength shown by these two, and others, is immense. The situations that they are put through are unlike anything I would wish on anyone, and they handle it with class. Is it hard? Yes. Do they struggle? Yes. This makes them even more perfect. They are 100% real in my eyes because they aren’t perfect and they deal with their struggles right on the page for you to see. If you want a series with characters that feel real, pick this one up.
  • An interesting plot that doesn’t let up.
    • Political tension is something that we can all understand, and this book does it in a way that makes sense. While reading you can almost feel the plot twisting and changing, and I was constantly on the lookout for what could happen next. It never lulled or got to the point where I was bored with it, and if it ever slowed down I sat on the edge of my seat…waiting for the other shoe to drop. Throughout the three books you get action, romance, political tension, and none of it gets overwhelming. It’s well done and you definitely need this in your life. If you want a series with a plot that doesn’t quit, pick this one up.
  • Situations the reader can relate to.
    • Political tension, as I mentioned, is something we can all understand. There are times where I felt like the plot was TOO real and I had to stop for a minute, but that’s the beauty of this book. Though there are situations that I see daily I also see different ways to deal with it. It may seem real, but it’s not the same as what is happening. The main characters are also perfectly flawed, and they deal with things in ways that I understood. I totally got when they shoved their feelings down to deal with whatever needed to be done. I got it, and I felt what they felt. If you want a book series with relatable situations, pick this one up.
  • FEELS.
    • Do I even need to mention this? If you want a book series with some intense feels, pick this one up. First you have all the feelings of the action. You may find yourself feeling appalled at what is happening in the war between countries. You may find yourself choosing sides or suddenly not knowing what is best. Then you have the romance. This is a romance that had me in tears. A romance that was so intense it kind of hurt when things weren’t working out. A romance that also contained a friendship, which is huge in my book. If you want an intense case of feels, pick up this series.
  • The perfect conclusion.
    • How many of you have read a trilogy all the way through and were left unsatisfied with the ending? Maybe you felt like things were left unanswered or that the author just magically fixed things in ways that don’t make sense. I have definitely been there, but this trilogy does not fall to this tragedy. The ending is absolute perfection. Tension is built, HUGE things happen in the plot that make you want to scream at the characters (and I did just that, no worries), the characters grow even more, and you find yourself both prepared and not prepared for all the ways it could end (oh, there were countless thing that could have happened). I think that The Union wrapped everything up so well, and even though I would love to know what the characters are up to after the end of the book I am also satisfied. There is nothing left to add to this particular part of their story, and I think that is absolutely perfect.

Now, I could go on and on about why you need this series, but it would just end up being flailing and squealing because I found this trilogy to be perfect (and the author is pretty awesome as well). So please, RUSH off to purchase this series. The final book, The Union, comes out on February 14th!


And make sure to pre-order the novella as well (but read it last!). This is a must! The Prince and the Heiress comes out on April 26th. It is so worth the wait, I promise!


And being that she is an indie author, you should definitely consider purchasing the books right from her (and then you can hold it, and pet it, and smell it, and love it). Go here to order a copy of these books and others written by S. Usher Evans. I am in definite need of more of her work

QUESTION: Have you read this trilogy (or any other of her books)? Would love to know your thoughts!


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