Top Ten Tuesday: Less Love Triangles Please

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We are back with our first Top Ten Tuesday for the month of February! It’s crazy to think just how fast we are moving through this month already (I mean, it’s already the 7th…crazy right!?). This week’s topic is Top Ten Books we wish had more/less ______ in them. They could be books you want more (or less) romance, more (or less) action, etc… This week we are bringing to your attention Top Ten Books that we wish would just tune down the love triangle. We get it. It happens sometimes and that’s that. But let’s be real, if you toy around with people’s feelings like that the chances of them BOTH being done with you are pretty high, and the chances of others being annoyed with you are even higher. We personally believe in reserving your feelings for one person, and not multiple. And though sometimes love triangles make a book a little more interesting and add some extra drama, there are some times where they are just too much and need to stop. These are some books that we became fed up with the love triangle (even if we loved the book dearly).

Twilight | Snow Like Ashes | Shatter Me | The Hunger Games | Kiss of Deception | Splintered | Red Queen | The Mortal Instruments | Scarlet | An Ember in the Ashes

Twilight – Edward+Bella+Jacob.

Snow Like Ashes – Mather+Meira+Theron

Shatter Me – Adam+Juliette+Warner

The Hunger Games – Peeta+Katniss+Gale

Kiss of Deception – Kaden+Lia+Rafe

Splintered – Morpheus+Alyssa+Jeb

Red Queen – Maven+Mare+Cal

The Mortal Instruments – Jace+Clary+Simon

Scarlet – John+Scarlet+Rob

An Ember in the Ashes – Laia+Elias+Helene

Question: Which love triangles went a little too far for you?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Less Love Triangles Please

    1. onceuponabookishnerd

      I have to say there is certain ones I don’t mind, but I dislike how some are put in there just to add another story line. If done right it can really make a book interesting!


    2. They can be hit or miss for me. There are times where I get it and whatnot, and there are other times where I feel it just takes everything over and other things get ignored. I can see why people like them. Sometimes I do, a lot of times I don’t.


  1. Splintered and An Ember in the Ashes have love triangles too? I was looking forward to reading those, bummer! Especially An Ember in the Ashes.
    Love triangle cliche is a major pet peeve of mine, I can’t stand it. Glad to see more and more people complaining about it, I no longer feel alone!

    I went on a quest to discover YA fantasy without love triangles a while back and compiled a huge list of books, and listed them in a series of 7 blog posts. Check it out here.

    My current read is Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (coming out in April) it’s full of badass characters, magic and original worldbuilding, has no romance and no stupid love triangles.

    The other series I can recommend is Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson doesn’t do love triangles as far as I know, his Mistborn is the highly popular one, I’m planning to start reading it soon.


  2. Ahh, this was a good idea! I did something similar, which was less romance/sex in general (it’s not that I don’t like it, just that sometimes it becomes too much the focus in otherwise interesting books/plots). You’ve got some great examples of love triangle doom on your list!

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  3. Hi! Twilight never should have had a love triangle. I found Jacob annoying and I can’t believe Bella didn’t as well. lol Same with the Hunger Games. How could someone as strong as Katniss like a little weasly wimp like Peeta. 🙂 Really, I think the movies gave me most of this anger lol
    My TTT

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  4. I wholeheartedly agree with this one! Love triangles can get SO old – the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle pretty much drove me into giving up the Twilight series after the second book!


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