How about we…BUDDY READ!

Hello everyone!

We hope the end of January treated all of you well and that you are ready to tackle February. We are totally pumped about this month and ready to own it. It’s the shortest month of the year. WE GOT THIS!


In the Upper Midwest February seems to drag. You would think that it would be no problem being the shortest month of the year, but you are seriously mistaken. The most brutal parts of winter seem to appear in this month. Frigid temperatures, snowstorms, blizzards, ice…it’s just not fun. And honestly, we all get a little stir crazy in the area and are wanting something to do. So why not…take a trip to a fictional world? Why not do it…together!?

That’s right! We are planning on doing a buddy read. We both were talking about trying to read something together and thought we should open it up for anyone else to join. We plan on reading quite a few books together this year and figured February is the PERFECT time to start. So, are you ready for the info? Drum Roll Please!


So what book are we reading???

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton


We both have this book on our Rock My TBR list and have been so excited to take the time to dive in. We have heard so many good things about it, and don’t want to have to keep all of our feelings in.

When are we doing this?

We are planning to start this buddy read on February 12th, and will keep it going until February 25th. The two week time frame gives us time to process, savor, and deal with real life stuff from time to time as well.

Who can join us?

ANYONE! If you have been dying to read this book like we have then you most definitely should join. Even if you aren’t dying to read it but you think a buddy read sounds like fun, you should definitely join. If you want to reread it, you should join. The more the merrier.

How can you join in?

You can join us simply by following the hashtag #mdwstreadalong on Twitter. Being that this is our first time doing this, we wanted to keep it simple. We are also open to doing a group DM if there is interest, or even talking about it through emails for our non-twitter followers (our emails are listed on the About Us page).

How will it work?

We will just be tweeting our progress, flails (without spoilers), and anything else along the hashtag. We wanted to leave some wiggle room, because obviously some people read faster than others. We have no discussion questions in particular, but if there are things you want to discuss we are more than happy to do so.


So, that’s our excitement for February. We are so excited to read this book with each other and are pumped about the possibility of sharing it with you as well. Feel free to comment below to let us know if you are joining, or start sharing about your excitement on the hashtag (#mdwstreadalong) on Twitter. This will be a low key buddy read, and we are just excited for the possibilities ahead.

Hope you can join us!

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