Our Favorite…Kick Butt Heroines

Hey everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you all had a good week and are ready to start off your weekend right. And we all know that a good weekend consists of a great book that can take you to different worlds. Well, we here at Midwestern Book Nerd are always in for a mind-blowing action book that has a heroine that doesn’t take no for an answer. Whether that’s the unstoppable assassin, a daring queen or the quick witted girl who turns from a nobody into a somebody, there is tons of books out there that have an amazing heroine that we all wish we could be! So this Friday we are each going to give our Top 5 KICK-BUTT HEROINES that we love to read about!


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  1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series) – I mean who couldn’t love Hermione Granger…She was probably the first girl in a book that I saw myself in. She is nerdy, book smart, and sometimes likes to tell the boys what to do (ok maybe a little more than sometimes). But she also is courageous and a great friend. Everyone who has read Harry Potter has watched her grow from a girl who had no clue she had magic to a young woman who we would all love to have as a best friend.
  2. Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass Series) – The thing I love about Calaena is that she has a “I don’t care what you think” attitude and she has the smarts to back it up. She always has a witty comment to throw someones way and won’t let anyone get away with making her feel like something small. In the first book she sometimes made me want to throw something at her because of what came out of her mouth. But the later series you can really tell she has grown into becoming the leader she needed to be. And she is badass fighter of course! I really wish I had ninja fighting skills like she did!
  3. Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) – Cinder…the badass Cinderella. I mean there is nothing better than a cyborg girl who is based off Cinderella and has so many cool features. I loved this series so much and couldn’t get enough of how cool Cinder was. With her cyborg computer mind and cool features she could pop out of her fingers. But people didn’t think that was all cool. She overcame some major obstacles. She was discriminated against for being a cyborg but she fought through it and proved her worth to everyone. It was fun to go along her journeys with her.
  4. Ryiah (The Black Mage Series) – Oh Ryiah…she is one of those characters that isn’t the perfect hero but you love her for who she is. Her powers are so awesome! And she is always determined to show everyone that she is capable of anything they can do. Which definitely gets her in trouble. But I love that she has to work for everything she has and it isn’t just handed to her because she has power. She proves herself over and over again. She is someone you would always want on your side for a fight because she will never give up, no matter the cost to her.
  5. Katniss (The Hunger Games) – Katniss was a character that I would love one minute and then would want to kick her the next. But over the whole series she definitely became one of my favorites that I had to include in this list. She is such a strong-willed character that is just trying to learn the game that people at the top of Panem play. What I love about her is her undying love for her sister and how she always has a soft spot for the smaller/unprotected people who can’t fight for themselves. She has so much determination and she is never afraid to use her voice when needed. And don’t mess with her when she has a bow and arrow in her hands…you might find that arrow somewhere you don’t want it to be!


  1. Scarlet (Scarlet series)- I absolutely adore this series, and this girl is not one I would want to mess with. She disguises herself as Will Scarlet and runs around with Robin Hood and his men, stealing from the rich and protecting the village. She is hunted down, she is put in the situations to fight for her life on many occasions, and she has to put up with all these boys. She has a sharp wit, a loving spirit, and is wicked with her knives. I absolutely love her and I love this series.
  2. Theo (Madion War Trilogy)- Theo is a pilot, a FIGHTER pilot, for her country that has been at war for 50 years. She literally has never known a time that wasn’t war time. She doesn’t know if she will survive each and every day, and goes out giving the other country hell. She gets stranded on an island with her ultimate enemy, and kind of just deals with it. I can’t say that she didn’t give him attitude. She definitely was a pain for him, but her need to survive was greater than her need to destroy him. Theo is a fighter in all aspects of her life. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and willing to die for what means the most to her. I would definitely want her on my side.
  3. Feyre (A Court of Thorns and Roses)- I am not going to lie to you, she really rubbed me the wrong way at first. I am not even sure what it was, I just started to feel like she wasn’t thinking and was getting involved in things she didn’t understand. This all changed in the 2nd book. She became completely badass. She went through hell in this book, can came out the other side with a smile and a plan. Honestly, how she handled everything she did is beyond me. She starts to think and understand, and she starts to care for others incredibly deeply (something I really don’t think she fully did in the first book). Feyre makes my list of kick butt heroines.
  4. Inej (Six of Crows)- Oh Inej. I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to pick her or Nina to be totally honest, because both of them are fantastic. Inej fights for those she loves and has worked hard to get where she’s at in life. I wouldn’t want her to be coming after me with or without her knives. She knows much more than the others around her suspect, and she cares much more than she is willing to let on. If you are on her team she would do anything to help you succeed. I love how trustworthy and strong she is.
  5. Shazhrad (The Wrath and the Dawn)- Shazi is a character I felt drawn to right from the beginning. She had intense courage and a plan to do what was right for the ones she loved. She handled a terrifying situation with grace and never let those who meant to hurt her see her cry. She fought for the love of her family, friends, and significant other. She had a way with words that had others getting lost in them, and she used it to her advantage when necessary. She was a woman not scared of a challenge, and was rewarded for all she fought for in the end. She was amazing (and this story is quite possible one of my favorites, right up there with the Scarlet series).

QUESTION: Who are some of your favorite kick butt heroines?


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