Midwestern Book Nerd’s 2017 Goals!



While we were both on our temporary hiatus to visit our families and celebrate the Holiday season we took a moment to brainstorm what we want to do in 2017. As the new year came around we thought of new possibilities and new directions to take the blog. And though much will probably stay the same, you may notice some differences here and there as we try to do more with this that kind of satisfies all of our nerdy goals (so, we might fangirl for you a little bit more, but we will still fangirl).

Because we weren’t really doing much during that transition from 2016 to 2017 we didn’t get the chance to share with you some of our goals for the year. So here are some things that we would like to accomplish this year, on the blog and in our own lives…

Blog Goals:

  • Totally nail Rock My TBR. Obviously we want to crush this list, but would be happy with accomplishing just half. Want to buddy read with us? Check out our lists here and we can do something about it!
  • Weekly Posts. We want to be able to bring more to you every week. We are hoping to always have a post for you Tuesday and Friday (but obviously life happens so sometimes there may be less coming at you).
  • More creative content. Obviously this kind of goes with the last one, but we want to be able to create more things and hopefully engage more readers. Isn’t that the goal of all book bloggers? We are eagerly brainstorming together and coming up with some ideas.
  • Organize a new feature. We maaaaay have something in the works right now (so keep an eye open for something coming up in the near-ish future), but we want to be able to bring a cool feature to you and maybe even get some participation from other bloggers. How cool would that be?


  • Exercising and Eating Right. I know, I know…everyone usually has this goal at the beginning of the year but I really need to get my butt into shape. Since I graduated college I’ve seen how inactive I’ve become and how I don’t always eat the healthiest things. Well starting this month it’s gonna change, I’ve am walking more and my husband and I are picking out healthier stuff at the grocery store (little steps at first). I am glad he is in this boat with me and wants to eat healthier too because that is a super huge help when you have a partner to help with a challenge!
  • Accomplish my reading goals! I have two different reading goals this year: Rock My TBR and my Goodreads challenge. My goal is to read over 50 books and the Rock My TBR has plenty of books to read on it :). After a disappointing year last year for reading (lots of stuff going on in my life), I am ready to crush this reading goal and hopefully read above and beyond the goal of 50!
  • Become a Professional Engineer. I’ve been out of school almost four years and as an engineer working in the field of public service you can take the PE exam (a long 8 hour exam…ugh) to get your license as a Professional Engineer (after four years of work in the field under a PE). It’s something I have always wanted since I graduated and it will take a lot of studying but I am super excited to take this next step in my career as an Engineer!
  • Listen to books on tape. I have only ever listened to one book on tape and that was Harry Potter (which I had read before so I knew the story) but I have heard of a lot of more people doing this lately. I have some longer car rides coming up in the future and I figured it might be something I can get into and allow me to “read” more books. Plus the library has a selection of books on tape!
  • Enjoy Life! This year should be a lot less hectic. So I am hoping my husband and I can enjoy our first full year as husband and wife and enjoy life’s adventures together. 🙂


  • I want to crush my Goodreads challenge. I upped it this year because I blew past my goal in 2016. I am not tackling 100+ books, but I do want to see myself reach at least 50 and maybe even go beyond that (2016 I wanted to read 40 and I read 54).
  • Utilize the library more. The library is a beautiful thing, and I don’t live too far from it. But I tend to not go there often. I hope to use it more this year, and request more.
  • Find consistency. I know that life can be nuts and sometimes things don’t happen, but towards the end of the year I struggled with doing what I had to do and what I enjoyed to do. A lot of blogging fell on the back burner while I struggled to just deal with my job. I hope to find some consistency in my routine where I can do both.
  • Be happy. Seriously. I have not been a happy person as of late. There is always something. I hope to find what makes me happy and stick with it.
  • Be healthy. Yes, I refuse to put a number of pounds I want to lose or a particular diet I want to go on because I always set myself up for failure on that one. I want to develop a healthy routine and feel good about my body and the strength that I have. So far, doing quite well with this one.

QUESTION: What are some of your 2017 goals?


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