Best of 2016

Hello everyone!!


We are back from our temporary break during the holidays and are so excited to get back into talking about books with all of you. One that we really loved over the last month was that we always had a post go live on Friday. It was fun to brainstorm different things that we could talk to you about each and every week, and so…we are doing it again! Since we were on a slight hiatus so that we could be back in our home state (seriously, we were in the same state but were so busy we couldn’t see each other. Sadness) we missed out on telling you some of the awesome things we did in 2016. So, today we are bringing you our 2016 recap!


Man, did 2016 fly by fast! I had a lot going on this past year, from moving a thousand miles to getting married to the greatest guy ever, I couldn’t have asked for a busier or more exciting year. But because of this busy year, I didn’t get to read as many books as I would have liked (I fell 14 short of my goal, which is a pretty big margin for me). Though that didn’t stop me from enjoying the awesome books that I did read and oh my goodness did I find some great books. Some of them were new authors, others were from authors I already know and love! So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite books that I read in 2016 (also here is a link of all the books I read.)

The Queen of the Tearling | Six of Crows | Grave Mercy |  Winter | Empire of Storms | A Court of Mist and Fury | Cuckoo’s Calling | Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Red Rising | An Ember in the Ashes | The Girl in the Spider’s Web | Glass Sword | The Martian 

My 2016 year in books:

  • These books compromise most of my 4 or 5 star ratings for the year. Lots of them were pretty popular for 2016 and I was very impressed of all the quality books that came out for 2016.
  • There were a couple great finishes to series that I read, particularly Winter by Marissa Meyer. What an amazing series that was! I have recommended that series to about a half a dozen people and everyone is in agreement about how wonderful a series it is to read.
  • I’m glad I got a few different genres in this year and I hope I can keep it up going into 2017. I feel that when I start to read too much fantasy (or a certain genre), I don’t read as much and that is never good 😦
  • I’m hoping this blog will help me find some new books that I would have never read before and I hope I can give some good recommendations out to all of you!

What I did in 2016 besides reading:

  • I got MARRIED! — Yup, I got married in October and I couldn’t be more happier with the guy I get to spend the rest of my life with 🙂
  • I also moved because I got married. I now am leaving in the south but I have to tell you that…dang, the food down here is amazing! Though I do miss my cheese curds and Top the Tater dip which I can’t get down here sadly.
  • I got caught up on some tv shows including the ever amazing Once Upon a Time! I love that show 🙂 I am hoping this year I can watch a few other tv shows including Gilmore Girls. (If you have any good ones I should watch on Netflix, leave a comment!)
  • I got a new job. I am now working for the Department of Transportation, which means I help build and design roads. It definitely is a lot more interesting than I thought at first.
  • and a lot of other smaller and bigger things that I could go on forever but don’t want to bore you with 🙂


When looking back at 2016 I realize that I had a pretty solid reading year. I really enjoy a wide range of books, and I found myself falling into so many books that seemed to be written just for me over the past year. So, here are just SOME of my favorite books of 2016 (but you can click here to see all that I read in 2016).

The Queen of the Tearling | All The Bright Places | The Island | Shadow and Bone | Grave Mercy | Salt to the Sea | The Rose and the Dagger | Heartless | A Shadow Bright and Burning | The Impostor Queen | My Lady Jane | Winter | Empire of Storms | A Court of Mist and Fury | When We Collided | Six of Crows

A few fun facts about my reading during 2016…

  • This is not nearly ALL the books I read. I just remember that these stood out to me the most, even an entire year later. That being said, there are still plenty that I enjoyed that I did not list.
  • I binged all of Leigh Bardugo’s books after I finished Shadow and Bone. I was hooked, and she has become an auto-buy author for me.
  • I read a lot of fantasy this past year, but am really looking to find my niche in other genres as well (and have started to with contemporary and historical fiction)
  • I did ok, with Rock My TBR. I completed about what I had initially expected, but hope to blow it out of the water this year.
  • 2016 was filled with buddy reads, and I hope to get a few more in there throughout 2017.

Some other things I did in 2016…

  • Saw (and loved) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Deadpool, The Jungle Book, and Zootopia
  • Got hooked on even MORE Marvel shows (Daredevil season 2, Luke Cage…so good!)
  • Re-watched Gilmore Girls a million times in anticipation for the revival (which I did not hate. I kind of enjoyed it, but I went in with low expectations).
  • Got addicted to Poldark (and need to get my hands on season 2 now).
  • Had sushi for the first time (and lived and enjoyed it).
  • Beat my husband at arcade games in Chicago (turns out I am awesome at Street Fighter).
  • Went to Door County for the first time ever and LOVED it!
  • and so much more…

And to end it all, here is my 2016 playlist.


QUESTION: What would make your list of best of 2016?

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