‘Tis the Season: Holiday Music!


It’s Friday and we are back again for a little more Holiday celebration. We have talked about the books that get us into the Holiday spirit and shared why we love those books. We shared what we cook and bake throughout the month as we prepare to get together with our families (and man, did writing that post make us hungry and ready for it to be Christmas RIGHT NOW!). Today we are tackling another oh so important part of getting into the holiday spirit…MUSIC!

I know that some stores have had Christmas music on since the day after Halloween so maybe some of you are tired of it, but there is so much out there that is unique. We only listen to Christmas music once a year, so why not make it enjoyable? Today we will both share a few of our favorite songs that have us wanting to spread all the holiday cheer (and Emily will share her Christmas playlist at the end of the post).  Here are a few of our Christmas favorites…


Music during the holidays always brighten my mood! I don’t think Christmas would be complete without some good Christmas carols. There are many great songs out there that everyone loves to sing during the holidays and I know I couldn’t pick just a few. So in my best effort to give a little taste of what I listen to during the holidays…here are three songs that always get me in the mood for Christmas:

Straight No Chaser – 12 Days of Christmas

Discovered them when I was in college and I love all their Christmas music!

Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You

Probably my favorite pop Christmas song!

Hudson High School Choir – The First Nowell

(sorry for the bad video but the song is amazing! And my own brother is in the choir singing!)


I am a big believer in music. Music can change moods, lift spirits, and convey messages that just speaking can’t. Christmas music is some of my favorite, and it is SO hard to pick just a few as my favorites. I will share just a few of my favorites for this year, but I will definitely be including my Christmas playlist at the end of this.

QUESTION: What is some of your favorite music for the Holiday season?

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