Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Gift Guide!

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The Holiday Season is upon us!! Can you believe it!? It’s time for festive music, decorating, and of course…buying something special for those that you love (and participating in Secret Santa with those you kind of know and will get to know better because of it).

So what are you thinking of getting those special people in your life? Books? Movies? Games? Totally not sure of where to start? Well, we are here to help (as is everyone else doing this week’s post, so seriously…check them all out)! Today we bring you a holiday gift guide, but it’s not the typical book-ish gift guide. Today our gift guide is for….GAMES! Games you want to play with those close friends and family. Games that everyone can enjoy! Here are some games to consider giving this Holiday season…


Emily’s Picks

  • But Wait, There’s More! – A game that had me laughing my butt off with friends. Like laughing to the point of tears. It’s not a lengthy game, and can be played with small groups or larger groups
  • Funemployed – Like Cards Against Humanity but better. You interview for fake jobs and compete with other players to see who is the best fit for the position. I have been hired for a WIDE variety of jobs in this game.
  • Mascarade – A game of bluffing to win, which is not one I should be good at (because I am a terrible liar). Though I have only played this game once I definitely enjoyed it and will definitely be trying to play it more often.
  • Liebrary – Ok, it’s been awhile since I played this one but it was awesome. A game where you try to get people to write the first line of various books and try to get them to think that theirs is right. The things that people come up with are hilarious.
  • Forbidden Island – A game of teamwork where you are trying to escape an island before it sinks. You think it doesn’t sound fun because you don’t compete against other players…that’s just silly. This game can get pretty tricky, and it all depends on how you work with your team. Forbidden Desert is similar, but you can play with more people I believe.

Arika’s Picks

  • Speak Out – One of the hottest games this holiday season, Speak Out is a game that everyone can be involved in! I have heard so many good things about this game from family and friends. The game is simple: stick a dental device into your mouth that holds it open and try to say the given sentence for your group to guess. Everyone will be laughing.
  • Fill or Bust – One of my favorite dice games. It’s a good family game that can be played with as little as 2 players but as many as you can fit around a table! You roll the dice according to a card and score points. But if you don’t roll any points you bust your turn and it goes to the next player.
  • Pass the Popcorn – As an average movie buff, I really enjoyed this game. Each card has a movie on it and you have to beat other players to guessing it with certain types of clues. These clues include characters from the movie, people who are in the movie, famous quotes, and a small synopsis.
  • Bananagrams – A game that Emily and I used to sit and play for hours. This game is pretty much a race to make your own scrabble board but the catch is you compete against other people. A fun game for kids and adults alike, but make sure you have a good sized table so that your words don’t start falling off the side of the table!
  • Dutch Blitz – An exciting and fast-paced card game that everyone can enjoy. The premise of the game is to get rid of your 10-card blitz pile as fast as you can before another player does. Not as easy as it sounds because you are playing at the same time that everyone else is. There is even an expansion pack which allows you to play with up to eight players!

What are some games that you would buy for someone this holiday season?

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