The Start of a New Journey

So, if any of you remember a few weeks back I said there would be some big news coming your way! I mostly hinted at it on twitter, and I honestly don’t remember who was paying attention and who wasn’t but oh well. Now you all get to hear my big news. So, drumroll please…….




I am so incredibly excited to have someone else to share this blogging adventure with, and I am even more excited that it is one of my best friends from college! I have been pushing books on her for forever (because I love HP, I really do…but sometimes you gotta discover new things and not solely reread HP). So she will be joining me here on Midwestern Book Nerd. We will be combining on a lot of posts as well as having our own posts here and there, with so much more that we are still hammering out. And now…I will let her introduce herself to you! Hope you all are as excited as I am!

Hey everyone! My name is Arika and I am the new Co-Blogger here on MidwesternBookNerd. I am so excited to start blogging here with Emily. Emily and I have been good friends since college and have always shared an interest in books, movies, music and all sorts of awesome things. She is the main reason I wanted to start blogging in the first place and I am ecstatic that she has invited me to share this experience with her!

While I love talking about books mostly, I hope to expand my horizons on this blog. Some of the genres of books I enjoy to read are Young Adult, dystopian, historical fiction, and fantasy. The books I really get into are the kick-butt heroines who find a way to use their brains and strengths to beat the heinous villains. (Though sometimes I wish that some of those villains become good but it doesn’t usually happen.) I do enjoy a good romantic interest in those books as well. 🙂 Other than books, I do enjoy talking about movies or tv shows, especially if these shows are based off a good series that I read. (And I am a huge Minnesota sports fan…whether that be the Vikings, Twins or Wild, I cheer loud for all of them.) Lastly I really enjoy cooking and baking as well. I have started collecting cookbooks and enjoy finding new recipes to make at home!

I can only hope that this blog will open up a new journey for me where I can meet new people, enjoy some open discussions, and of course bring a smile to someone’s face! If you want to read a little more about me…visit the about me page. 

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