7 Stages of finishing a Sarah J Maas Book



Before I continue on with my post you should know that I absolutely loved this addition to the series. Some BIG things happen that I will obviously not talk about because spoilers are the worst. But I loved loved loved this book and am on the edge of my seat waiting for book 6.

I am a big Sarah J Maas fan. I fell in love with this series right away, and with each book that love has grown stronger (even through the pain that I get put through from time to time). I am also a fan of her other series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and dove in headfirst even though I knew she would probably destroy my happy feelings.

As I have read all of her books I have noticed that there is a general progression of moods. Obviously the feelings themselves are different as each story is a bit different, but I find myself following a general outline and falling into different degrees of these feelings.

So what are the 7 stages of finishing a SJMaas book? Well…

  1. Closed book, dropped jaw image
  2. Shock (DID I REALLY JUST FINISH!? WAS THAT FOR REAL!? WHHHHYYYYYY!?) tumblr_n2wb3emuak1tq4of6o1_500
  3. Sadness (results in book hugging, tears, needing to be held and comforted) donut
  4. Betrayal (because we know something not so good happened to someone you actually liked) tumblr_inline_o691becyiq1thmejm_500
  5. Swoons (thinking back to the romances in these books just makes your heart flutter) giphy
  6. Acceptance (Ok, I finished. Time to find a new book to read) giphy
  7. Anticipation (countdown to release day) 8676015

I think that just about covers it. Think of any feelings I missed? What are some of your post SJMaas feels?

If you haven’t already you should definitely start up on the Throne of Glass series! It is one of my favorite series as of late, and I am both excited and nervous for it to finish.

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