Ok, this is going to be a real quick post, but I had some really exciting news to share with you.

I have joined the team on My Trending Stories to bring you some fabulous posts about books!!


I am so exciting to join this growing website and to watch my writing improve while continuing to think of creative ways to talk about my favorite things…books!

This doesn’t mean that I am going away on here. If anything, I would think that this means I will be doing even more brainstorming for things to feature on here.

I am so excited to write on there and to try to push Midwestern Book Nerd further out in the world.

You can find my profile here!

And…I just posted my first article so please…check it out. I give out a recommendation straight from shelf of personal favorites.

That is all for now. I am so excited for what’s to see where this step in my journey takes me!


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