From the Musical Archives… Romeo and Juliet

I absolutely love sharing music on my blog. Whether its super popular to everyone reading it, something not many people have heard of, or the most absurd songs…I absolutely love it. I hope that through this feature I can start to share music just a little more with you. I honestly have no clue how often these posts will be up or what kind of music you will get, but I hope that you enjoy and that we can both talk music and discover new artists and genres. I will also be having a page dedicated to listing the music I have shared so far. I really am excited to start this new feature on my blog, and I hope you enjoy!

For my first week I went back to my high school/early college days. Not only did I love this band, but I loved what they did with this cover. And before you ask me yes, I have listened to the original. Though that one is good, I just prefer this version. I love Brandon Flower’s voice, and it just works so well with this song.


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