Words I Needed to Hear (6)

This is something I have started doing randomly on my blog, finding quotes that kind of hit me and sharing because I think someone else may need it it. More information and past posts can be found here.

Hey everyone! Man, has this been a rough summer for blogging for me. I just haven’t felt as inspired as normal, both in my blogging life and in my personal life. Today though, today feels good.

To be totally honest I have no idea what has been going on with me. I have had a lot of ups, and A LOT of downs. I feel like I have spent a lot of my summer in a rut and have really had a hard time digging my way out of it. I have had such wonderful support in my husband, and my family has helped out more than they probably know. I just can’t seem to dig my way out of it lately. However, today I feel like I am finally making SOME progress.

Since the beginning of July I have started really trying to zone in on my fitness, because I think that it’s really important. I have really dug in to Blogilates and have ABSOLUTELY loved it. I can’t say that I am anywhere near where I used to be, but I do feel a little stronger. And that small improvement physically has really started to transition mentally. It’s still a process, but I’m getting there.

As I was trying to figure out just what I wanted to share with you today I stumbled on this on my pinterest board. I found it fitting for my situation, and I thought someone else might benefit for it.

Today I finally feel like I am starting to fight. I am starting to fight those inner demons and to making my life better. I am working on making changes physically, mentally, and spiritually because I feel like those 3 things will help me out immensely. It’s a battle. It’s a battle over my mind and those negative thoughts, but it’s a battle I am set on winning.

I think that each of us face these battles in our own ways. No single battle is the same. But each and every one of us are capable of fighting. Each of us. Even on our worst days we can fight. You might be fighting with all you got and only can accomplish something you find small, but that is still an AMAZING accomplishment. Give it all you got. You can do it. We can do it!

Image found on Lifehack.org

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