Words I Needed to Hear (5)

This is something I have started doing randomly on my blog, finding quotes that kind of hit me and sharing because I think someone else may need it it. More information and past posts can be found here.

Lately I have been really feeling down because of things that have already happened. It’s silly when you think of it. I mean, it’s in the past. What can I do about what has already happened besides move forward? But sometimes that stuff just sticks in my mind, as I’m sure it does yours. It could be personal issues, like rejections or things people have done to hurt you in the past. It could be work related, maybe an incident at work or not really staying in one place for very long. Could be a string of rejections, personal or professional. For whatever reason, those moments can stick with a person.

Lately thinking back on these things and having them stuck in my mind has really been draining on me. My self-esteem and self-confidence has been shot and it has definitely influenced how I am each and every day. I feel pretty stupid for somehow ending up in the situations that I am in, and yet I can’t seem to get out. I don’t know how to fix it. So I just keep looking back, which is absolutely ridiculous because that doesn’t even help me. It really just hurts me.

Then I saw this fabulous quote from one of my favorite movies. It made me think. It made me apply it to my own life and to think of what I can learn from the things that have already happened to me. It’s not that I never do this. I have moved forward from painful experiences in the past before, but I feel like it’s not the first thing that comes to mind while I am in these painful experiences. But it’s time to reset and think of how I can move forward.

I really felt the need to share this today, because there is no way that I am the only one struggling with past pain coming back to haunt me. There’s no way to change what happened, but because of what happened we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.


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