Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts about me!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

I am so excited for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, because I think it is an awesome chance for us to really get to know the blogger behind all of the awesome books they read and bookish things that they do. So, here you go. 10 facts about yours truly…

  1. I am married. Shocker right? No, not really. I am pretty sure I have mentioned him here and there. What most people don’t know is that we have been together for 10 years (awwww high school sweethearts), and in October we will have been married 5 years. He is my absolute best friend, and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.
  2. I absolutely love summer. The cold and I do not get along (and yet I live in the upper Midwest…silly me) so I am always super pumped about summer. I love the sunshine, being on the water (when I can be), going for walks, reading outside, cold drinks, bonfires, all of it. I live for summer. I will complain when it gets hot and humid, obviously, but I still would rather have summer.
  3. I am not a coffee drinker. Oddly enough, coffee either makes me sleepy or makes me feel sick. I can’t drink it. I can’t really drink those fancy frappe drinks either…same results. I have definitely been turned on to loose leaf tea. It just makes me feel all warm and good inside. I love my tea.
  4. I am the worst mood reader ever. Making a TBR hardly ever works because I always stray from it. Recently I got a bunch of library books I was really excited for, but I only read one of them because I was suddenly in the mood for A Court of Mist and Fury (AH!). I am doing Rock My TBR, but I think I am probably failing at it. I am trying though!
  5. The only bone I have ever broken in my entire body is my pinky toe. Yep, pinky toe is the worst because there is nothing they can do about it (and I have zero pain tolerance). How did I break it? My friend accidentally kicked me while we were on a trampoline (she will really appreciate this story coming out again). She must have kicked my toe JUST RIGHT because I heard it, pretended that that I didn’t because it freaked me out, and then panicked when it started to turn black and I couldn’t touch it without pain. What made it even better, I had to march in a really long parade the next day.
  6. It really bothers me that so much of the world does not know the joy and wonder and deliciousness that is cheese curds. Little lumps of deep fried cheese. It is the best fried food ever, and even better if it’s a beer battered curd. I’m sorry all you non-upper midwesterners. You are seriously missing out.
  7. My favorite animal is the red panada. Because oh my goodness how cute are they!? They are just the goofiest animals and I really wish I could have one of my own as a pet. Seriously, can I have a red panda please!?!?!?!?
  8. I have a strong dislike for some fairly popular things and people…such as Taylor Swift, Pokemon Go, Hamilton, etc…I guess its just not for me, or the hype scares me, or it’s just too in my face. I don’t know, but I know this one is FULL of unpopular opinions.
  9. I went to college for Education, specifically Elementary Education. However, I am not really wanting to continue in the path of becoming a teacher. It’s for a wide variety of reasons, but in the end…I just don’t feel like it’s where I am supposed to go. I am glad I went to college for it. I think I learned a lot, but I think my life is heading in a different direction. I really wish that I know what direction that was, but I am working on figuring it out.
  10. Some things that I fangirled over before I fangirled over books: NSYNC, Nano Babies, Furby (sadly..), BBMak, Lizzie McGuire, CINDERELLA (I still fangirl over Disney movies), Justin Timberlake (I may still a bit…), Polly Pockets (the choking hazards obviously), Magic School Bus, aaand Arthur. (and many other things not listed)

A few pictures and gifs to show you me as well 🙂

So, tell me a bit about yourself. Do we have anything in common? Is there anything else you are just dying to know about me?

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts about me!

    1. Ha I don’t even have those yet. Clearly not adult enough. My mom had to take our nano babies away from us because we would stay up all night playing with them, but then she ended up doing the same since she knew we would be upset to wake up and find that we had to start over.

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  1. i love the pictures!! I’m originally from the upper Midwest too (Rockford, IL) but I do actually like the cold. I miss it here lol. #9 – me too! I ended up teaching English as a Second Language to adults instead haha! But i LOVE it so much. I only taught elementary school for a year and was like, nope. My TTT

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    1. My student teaching experience was terrible and I found I couldn’t actually handle the anxiety and stress that came with teaching. Currently I am a paraprofessional but I am looking around for something else. I am basically in the middle of rethinking my life choices. Fun stuff.

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    1. Ha I did not. But teenagers playing it makes me shake my head for the same reasons. Like if it were something I were into as a kid I would be so in. Bring back tamagotchi and I will be in and not want any teenagers to be a part of it


      1. Book Club Babe

        If it makes you feel any better, there is a slight element of Tamagotchi in Pokemon Go. You get eggs which hatch into Pokemon after a certain number of kilometers. Once Nintendo releases its hardware device for the game, I’m sure this feature can be enhanced.


  2. Bookish in Texas

    I totally agree that cheese curds are the greatest. I went on vacation to central Wisconsin this past winter and OMG I NEED CHEESE FACTORIES PLEASE.

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  3. I also cannot drink coffee (destroys my stomach) can’t stick with my TBR to save my life, and I have an off the wall favorite animal; the okapi. I just love them. I bought a tiny .25$ one at the San Diego zoo, and not too long after that, accidentally vacuumed it up 😦 We tore through so much dust and lint, but never did find it. Also major NSYNC fangirl 🙂

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