Rock My TBR 2016: May Update

Rock my TBR is hosted by Sarah at The YA Book Traveler

Did you notice that I skipped April? Because I did. Because I read 0 (yes ZERO) books for Rock My TBR. I don’t know what it was. I had every intention of reading AT LEAST one, and was in the process of finishing a book but just didn’t get it down in time (instead I finished it on May 1st…SO CLOSE)

So…in May I finished…

The Rose Society by Marie Lu


I was definitely excited to continue on in this series. Can you believe there is only one book left!? This whole anti-hero thing is not something I typically read, but I love how even though she is a bit of the anti-hero she still has empathy. She still cares for others and what happens to them. I did not write a review on this one because I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I absolutely loved a lot of the secondary characters, and I was totally and completely into the twists and turns of this plot. Really looking forward to what’s next in this series.

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers


I took my dear sweet time with this one. Life got in the way and really drug my reading down. Seriously, I was in the worst slump ever due to stress and craziness happening here but I finished it! And I am so sad that I took so long. I loved this book, and cannot wait to get further into this book. Here’s my full review of this book.

What’s coming up in June:

Other than that…not sure. I am not a HUGE fan of planning out my TBR because I am such a mood reader, but I know I am going to TRY to get more checked off my list. At this point I have read 7/23, and I know I can get in the double digits and try to read more than half of these books by the end of the year! Here’s my list in case you wanted to check it out.

How are you doing with your reading goals?

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