Thursday Tracks: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Thursday Tracks is hosted by Gone with the Words

This week’s track comes with a message in mind to me…February was absolute crap for me mentally. There were some AWESOME things that happened in our household  during the month that I can’t be sad about, and I’m not. But mentally…my month sucked. I haven’t been this mentally exhausted in awhile. I have been down a lot, hurt a lot over things I more than likely made up in my head. Basically I sucked a lot, and I need to get better and move on. We all have bad days, we even have bad months…February was mine. But I plan to change my attitude and make March be awesome. But this song, this song was one that was on repeat a lot. I sang to it, I cried during it…the lyrics really hit me. It has such a good message and I really hope that maybe it brings that good message to someone else who wants to hear it.


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