Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Couples

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week is a Valentine’s theme because DUH! Valentine’s day is Sunday. I am not a Valentine’s day fan. My feelings are basically…why do you need ONE particular day a year to show someone you care a lot about that you love them. But there is chocolate, so I let it slide. So this week I am listing my favorite couples because they are just fabulous. That is all.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudicefcc7a5e2a87c9c423ad7cc873957e7c7

Scarlet and Robin (Scarlet Seriestumblr_nqr7o4gjcX1rd4558o1_500

Scarlet and Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles12fabf911002a67a_swoon

Winter and Jacin (The Luner Chroniclesdemi-swoon

June and Day (The Legend Seriesswoon

Ryiah and Prince Darren (The Black Mage seriesmerida_faint

Cath and Levi (Fangirltumblr_lqpt6cBYVe1r0ojhto1_400

Caleana and Chaol (Throne of Glass…I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!) my_heart_bobs_burgers

Shazi and Khalid (The Wrath and the Dawnswoon

Ella and Char (Ella Enchantedmean-girls-movie-quotes-47

What are some of your favorite book couples? Do we share any favorite couples (or basically…do we ship the same people?)?

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