Top Ten Tuesday: Historical and Futuristic Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week we are talking about Historical and Futuristic settings. I decided to split the list because maaaaaan was it hard to pick 10 of just one of those. I really enjoy reading books set in both settings, so you will get 8 historical and 2 futuristic. Here we gooooo. tumblr_inline_nw0e8bycy11s9zfpx_500

  1. Westward Expansion
  2. Wild Wild West (like cowboys and adventures and such)
  3. Life on the prairie/plains
  4. Medieval (Kings, Queens, Knights, all that fun stuff)
  5. WWII
  6. 1960’s/1970’s America (Civil Rights, etc.)
  7. 1920’s America
  8. England/Europe
  9. Dystopian America
  10. Earth vs. Space
This gif was just necessary guys.

There are many more books I have read for each of those genres but thought it best to only list one, but I am always looking for more to add. Anyone have any suggestions for books that may fall in any of those settings?

What are some of your favorite settings?

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