Story Time: Little One by Jo Weaver

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley for an honest review. This does not sway my opinion one way or the other.

Little One by Jo Weaver:Spring is here and new life is stirring. There is so much for Big Bear to teach her new cub as they step out into the forest. Together they eat, swim, fish, and play as one season becomes the next. With Big Bears help, Little One grows more and more confident, until winter comes once more and its time to head home. With gentle text and stunning black and white illustrations, Jo Weaver reveals the wonder of nature, the first steps of independence, and the strength of parental love

Back when I lived in Minnesota I was working in a public library. I did a lot of work in the children’s department, and going through the picture books and selecting books for story time was something I did nearly every week. It was definitely one of my favorite things to do. Reading through this book definitely had me thinking back to that moment in my life not too long ago.

This book was absolutely adorable. It made me feel completely and totally nostalgic for some of the picture books that I read as a child. The pictures were beautiful. They were mellow, black and white, and gave me this sense of calm and sense of love.

This book is all about a mother’s love for her young. It’s about how she teaches her young and helps them discover the world. I think that picture books get almost too busy these days and focus on such big picture things. The simplicity of the pictures, the lessons of love, and the nostalgia really made this book stick with me.

It is definitely something that I would select for a story time for a spring or mother’s day theme. Probably something I will also consider adding to my current picture book collection (because my future children obviously need all of these picture books before they are even in existence).

This book comes out March 1, 2016…order it on Amazon here.

What are some picture books that give you a sense of nostalgia?

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