How Do You Beat the Winter Blues?

I think I am struggling a bit. It’s a struggle I think we all go through at some point, but there is a struggle. I am definitely one that struggles with seasonal depression, and some days it’s just rough. When there is word that a winter storm is coming (guess who is in a winter storm warning tomorrow?) or anything like that my mood seems to sink. I always wonder why I live so far north, and shudder to think there are people who live further north than I do (hooooooowwwww do you do that!?).

Ok, the point of this post is not for you to pity me. I am not looking for sympathy or anything like that. This is how life goes for me sometimes, and I try my best to take it in stride because there really isn’t much else for me to do. I know I will be ok. I know the sun will shine eventually (it’s winter in WI, so you can’t really assume the sun will come out tomorrow). I figure that I can find people in this community that can relate to this, so I have a question for you all…

What do you do to help yourself out during those times when you feel mentally exhausted and defeated?

I really seemed to struggle with this over the weekend. Not really knowing what to do to kind of ease my mind and move forward. Typically I get lost in a book or give myself some time to marathon something on Netflix for a few hours. Maybe I just give myself time to hang out on the Internet. It really varies, but this weekend nothing stuck.

Here is what I tried yesterday: reading (but I couldn’t make a decision at all. I was torn between Unravel Me, Prisoner of Night and Fog, An Ember in the Ashes, The Darkest Minds, and Miss Peregrine. Which do you think is the best to get temporarily lost in?), Internet (nothing held my interest at all), Netflix (I have recently gotten into Jane the Virgin, which was good to get temporarily lost in. I also am in the middle of a rewatch of Parks and Rec. This did help me relax a bit).

So I guess my main question here is…what do you do to get yourself out of this kind of funk? Any specific suggestions?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Beat the Winter Blues?

  1. I read somewhere recently that Scandinavian countries never get winter blues because they use the time to get cozy (fires, blankets, hot cocoa, books) and to enjoy winter sports.


  2. I live in Florida so winter blues is like surf and sun and sky. Although we get a lot of rain, but I love rain and thunderstorms. Usually I use it to enjoy reading more. Lol so I guess I naturally like to “cozy up”

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    1. I think my biggest hang up is that it can get below zero with wind chill and the sun can be gone for weeks. I am definitely one that needs sunshine fairly often and though I do like to cozy up I would prefer some sunshine as well. Ha it’s so ridiculous. I also loathe winter sports because I really can’t comfortably handle the cold. Ha it’s just the worst. I think I am someone that needs to take a vacation to somewhere warm in February or March to make things a little better.


  3. Ugh, yep I’m also dreading the storm tomorrow, but hoping that I can either work from home or at least leave a bit earlier if it’s horrible outside. You covered most of my go-to’s when I’m feeling down, but I’ll suggest one other thing that cheers me up in general… Baking cookies, brownies, or anything chocolate, it can be as easy as a box from the store or a homemade anything. The plus side is that cooking in a warm kitchen will keep you cozy and then you’ve got something delicious that you can be proud of because you made it! And now i wish I had chocolate…

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    1. Oh gosh that does sound good. Ha will add that to my list. Ugh that storm. We are supposed to get dumped on so I think I might just take a sick day and do some stuff at home. My car doesn’t drive well in snow and it’s a 15 mile drive. With the wind…oof. Stay safe tomorrow!


  4. My dad is a true diagnosed manic depressant/bi-polar. So winters are hard for him too. A bit for me but not near as bad. Things that seem to help: Comedy-find something to make you laugh. Good, upbeat music you can move along to. Also, if it is sun related, buy a UV light/light therapy for SAD. Seriously, when it is dark or overcast a lot, those really can help. They are not cheap but are a good investment

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