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So there are quite a few books that I have read recently that I just haven’t reviewed. Possible reasons for this…I have so many feelings about it that I couldn’t find words for an entire post, it’s a continuation in a series and I really do struggle with talking about those without spoilers (all the books I am going to talk about today are continuations in a series), sometimes it’s just that they are talked about so much that I feel I don’t need an ENTIRE post on it but that I can add a few thoughts and move on.

There are 4 books that I have done nothing with on this blog within the last 3 months. 4 books that I do want to talk about, but decided it best to not dedicate an ENTIRE post to each and every one. All of them are a continuation in a series, but I promise to not have any spoilers whatsoever in these little chats.


Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J Maas

Now if you haven’t read the Throne of Glass series I almost want to yell at you and ask what you are waiting for. This is one of my FAVORITE fantasy series. I started reading it on a whim last summer and am so glad I did. Each and every book gets better, and so many things happen (and there are STILL 2 more books coming out). I loved this addition to the series. I felt a stronger connection to characters, such as Manon. I honestly was not a huge fan of her in Heir of Fire. Mostly I just didn’t understand what her role in this story was. In Queen of Shadows you understand. You get it completely and totally and I was all for it. I think that this book had me add quite a few characters to my favorite characters list actually (welcome aboard Lysandra!). Aelin is still amazing as ever and the story was fantastic filled with so many twists and turns. Loved this book and I cannot wait until the next on!


Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2) by Sara Raasch

This series is another that has become a favorite of mine. The world that Sara Raasch builds is so fantastic, and it is a series that I find myself CONSTANTLY flipping back to the map because I just want to make sure I know exactly where they are going and what they are doing (and that is not always the case for some reason). Now I must admit, it was not all sunshine and roses right away with this sequel. There were parts that I definitely felt drag on, and there were times where I wondered if I should just come back later. But I remembered that the first book started somewhat slowly, and I had a friend tell me to keep reading because it gets good. SO glad I listened and continued because the plot twists and the pace of the story definitely picked up and I ended that book in shock and needing the next story. This is a book that I legitimately talked out loud to myself to make sure that I was on the same page as what had just happened. I had to reason things out with myself. I love when that happens. So even with a slow start I found this book to be a great sequel and I am anxiously awaiting book 3.


Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer

First off, if you have not read this series I highly recommend it. I liked the first book, but oh my gosh did the 2nd book really take off. This is like a mix of fairy tales with some sci-fi elements and some romance and AH. It is perfection. If you have not started this you should definitely get on with Cinder right now. Cress was awesome. I always get worried about long books because what if there are all those pages and nothing happens. That is definitely not the case with any of the books in this series. There is so much action and so many plot twists that I just cannot get over. I love that each book as added a new character to the squad, and I think Cress is awesome. She fits right in with Cinder and Thorne (who seriously grew on me in this book) and Iko. I just felt like she was meant to be with these characters. I feel like with each book this series gets better, and I am definitely reading for the final book (which just came out a few weeks ago)!


The Heir (The Selection Series #4) by Kiera Cass

This series is something else. I have seen other bloggers refer to it as book crack, and book crack it most certainly is. I started The Selection Series thinking that it would just be something cheesy that I could listen to as an audio book and that’s about it, but I became completely and totally addicted. This series has had me laughing, crying, cheering…all of it. All the feels have come out in what seems like a simple premises. I was shocked when a 4th book was added because I was under the impresssion that this was to be just a trilogy, but I love that Kiera Cass added this (and one more soon to come) book! I really enjoyed looking at the Selection from the other side. It was interesting to look at it not through the eyes of the competitor, but through the eyes of the selectee. It shows you a whole new side to the process, and honestly…I had a hard time trying to decide who I think she should pick (and thank goodness there’s another book because I still can’t choose). I am REALLY struggling to not post spoilers because I need to talk about that ending, but I won’t. I will just anxiously await for the final book in this series. I do highly recommend this series, especially if you are currently stressed and needing to take your mind off of things. That is how I came upon this series, and I feel like it’s one that has always been there. I love it.

Have you read any of these books? What are some of your thoughts on them?

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