Let’s Talk About…Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

When Mallory’s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de-Jeremy her life is to de-modernize things too. Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time (when boyfriends couldn’t cheat with computer avatars). The List:
1. Run for pep club secretary
2. Host a fancy dinner party/soiree
3. Sew a dress for Homecoming
4. Find a steady
5. Do something dangerous
But simple proves to be crazy-complicated, and the details of the past begin to change Mallory’s present. Add in a too-busy grandmother, a sassy sister, and the cute pep-club president–who just happens to be her ex’s cousin–and soon Mallory begins to wonder if going vintage is going too far.

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Initial reaction upon finishing: 

I am always looking for a fun, simple read. A book that makes me smile, especially when I am stressed (which I have definitely been lately). I was SO pumped to find this recommendation on Jamie’s Watcha In the Mood For post over on The Perpetual Page Turner (LOOOOOVE this feature Jamie! Keep it up!). I can always find some awesome sounding books when she does one of these posts!

So this book…I really really enjoyed it. It was the perfect book to pull out during my lunch breaks to relax a bit in the middle of a stressful day. It helped me regroup and refocus. It was also so much deeper than what the summary seems to let on. There are so many things from this book that felt real, and I loved that. So here are 3 particular things that I loved about this book:

  1. THIS BOOK IS FUN! Seriously, this book is definitely a light read. I have been reading SO MUCH fantasy as of late (seriously, if you look at what I have read on Goodreads this year you would definitely see lots of fantasy). I love Fantasy, and I still read a lot of it, but it’s good to break it up a bit right? This book fit the bill EASILY! I got lost in Mallory’s world and felt like I took a nice little vacation from what I was dealing with at that particular moment in my life.
  2. THIS BOOK MAKES YOU THINK! Yes, this book was fun…but there were also things that happened that had me really thinking. First it had me thinking about cheating, and what constitutes as cheating (emotional and physical affairs sort of thing). It made me wonder what I would think and do in her particular situation and how I would view it. It made me really think about relationships that I have or have had and if they were anything like that (I have been that girl that has had a lot of guy friends, but I never went to that level of ‘friendship’). This also had me thinking about just HOW MUCH we all rely on the internet. I mean, look at me…typing this out on my blog so that you internet readers can see my thoughts on it. We check our facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. daily. Multiple times a day even. We rely on it so much. It really made me think about how I use technology and social media, and how much of it is absolutely necessary. I am definitely still thinking about this particular part of this book. I loved that there was something like to think about in a book that also was so fun.
  3. THE CHARACTERS WERE PRETTY AWESOME! I just felt like all the characters were easy to relate to. They were not by any means perfect. In fact they were awesomely, beautifully flawed. They were flawed like any other person. Struggling with friendships, relationships, families, and how much they share on the internet. That sound familiar at all? Yea…thought so. I found myself so involved in the story (and SOOOO wanting to kick Jeremy for being an absolute idiot).

All in all, this book was perfect. It fit my mood at the moment and it helped me relax and look at other problems that people may actually be having. It was fun yet also had me thinking. It had me relating to characters that seemed so real. It had everything I look for in a contemporary without giving me ALL the tears. I loved it.

How about you…have you read this book?

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