Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes for My Magical Bookish Genie

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

There are so many bookish things that I can think of that I wished I had. Different skills I wished I possessed. Different books I wish I had INSTANTLY (because, let me tell you…the wait for some books is INTENSE!). Thankfully the ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish came up with this fantastic prompt this week where we get to talk about all those things we would wish if we had a magical book genie. My list this week is filled with some that may actually be attainable if I were to work at it and others that I would definitely need a little magic for. So, my dear book genie, if you are listening…

I wish…. 

  1. To be able to read more than 1 book at a time: This would just be so helpful for my ever growing TBR (because there are so many good sounding books out there!). At this moment I can KIND OF do it. Like right now…I have a book on my tablet that I am reading and that I only read when I have a break at work. I also have a physical book (WHICH I NEED TO START!) that I will read at home. If they aren’t two different formats I cannot do it. Being able to read more than one at a time would definitely be helpful for my mood reading ways. Genie, help me beat my mood reading and make this happen. 
  2. To be able to have ANY book I want to read when I want to read it (released or not released): Basically, if there is a book that I add to my TBR that I suddenly have the urge to read, no matter the publication date, I would want to be able to have it and to read it. (This means I would definitely have finished the Throne of Glass series already!) How amazing would that be for us mood readers? Genie, let’s make this happen. 
  3. To have a nice book nook: I want a cozy spot that I can curl up and read in. Yes, this would be in the middle of the library that clearly COMES with this book nook. A library that would rival Belle’s library OBVIOUSLY. I am waiting oh so patiently magical genie. 
  4. TO HAVE NEW BOOKS FROM JK ROWLING IN THE HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE: Oh, I have ideas. I have so many ideas. Like stories about Voldemort’s first rise to power. Stories about James and Lily before they were married. I want so much more from that world and it doesn’t even have to involve Harry Potter. It just has to have Hogwarts and all the magical wonderfulness. Oh, how about more background on Hermione and how she even GOT her letter to Hogwarts with 2 muggle parents. Genie, get JK Rowling on the phone. We can make this happen. 
  5. To have better attention to details and can recall them weeks/months/years after reading a book: Seriously, I struggle to remember much more than the main characters and the feeling a book gave me after awhile. When recommending a book to someone I want to be able to say more than how it made me happy, I want to have more reasons and more connections. Please genie, help me absorb and retain this all better! 
  6. For reading to also be a workout, but a fun workout: I am the worst about working out and trying to get into shape. Seriously, I hate going to the gym. Our gym…ick. I go, but I hate it. If reading were also helping me get fit….WIN WIN SITUATION! This would be a workout that is fun. I would be so buff right now if this were the case it’s insane. Genie…help me out here. 
  7. To be able to read while in the car: My current home is about 5 hours away from my hometown. Think of how much reading I could get done in 5 hours. But nooooo. I get sick to my stomach and my head starts to hurt. I can do graphic novels sometimes, but only sometimes. Genie, help me out. This would definitely help me tackle that TBR of mine. 
  8. To be able to take a vacation in some of the amazing worlds that the authors create: I can’t even begin to list all the places I would travel (but you better believe I would have Butterbeer in Hogsmeade). I fall in love with some of the worlds that authors create with just their own words and sometimes I think of how great it would be to vacation there. Plus, it would be free. 🙂 Come on genie, let’s do this! 
  9. To be able to meet all my amazing book blogger friends in person: I have made so many awesome friendships through this little hobby I took up. Some have even become some of my closets friends that I have share some super personal moments with. I would love to be able to meet them in person, but man oh man do we all live in super opposite directions. Genie, can you make this work please? 
  10. To be able to read ALL THE BOOKS: Any book on my TBR I want to be able to tackle. There are so many that I bet I will never get to, and I hate that. Genie, help me read all the books.

What would some of your wishes for a magical bookish genie be?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes for My Magical Bookish Genie

    1. It’s the worst! And like audiobooks are cool an all, but sometimes the narrator makes it super hard for me to really get into the book and I would much rather just read it. It’s been awhile since I have tried, so maybe I will try again during my next long drive to MN.


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