Thursday Tracks: Stronger Than Ever

Thursday Tracks is hosted by Gone with the Words
Thursday Tracks is hosted by Gone with the Words

So I had intended to really try to liven up my blog a little bit, and I had wanted to make sure I had at least ONE more post this week. But alas, life and I are in a fight and I have just been feeling a little bit down in the dumps (still..) and even though I love doing this my motivation just has not been there. Hoping for a nice weekend to reset and go back at it. But I really can’t get myself to skip Thursday Tracks, because this has become one of my FAVORITE weekly features to do (THANKS SO MUCH GONE WITH THE WORDS! I adore this so much). Music really hits me and definitely speaks to my emotions so much, as I said last week. Sometimes it’s mindless and I just need to dance and let it out and sing along (badly). Other times I just need one that speaks to my thoughts and emotions at the moment. Lately I have been falling into that last category, and today’s song definitely fits into that. My husband introduced me to this song (last night!) and I just love it. So much. Hope you enjoy. And here’s to an awesome weekend and taking charge of the rest of October!


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