#SwankySat…Building Your Own Bookcase!


Welcome back to Spectacularly Swanky Saturday! If you are wondering what this is all about head on over the Kelly’s page for info. Last month we talked about our fictional summer flings (and each of us had a different way to talk about them). Nothing like bonding with people over a mutual love for a fictional character.

This week we are spending time in book nerd heaven and dreaming up our ideal book shelves. If you are rolling your eyes and laughing then I am so sad that you do not understand the importance, and I hope we can show that to you. We will basically be telling you what the shelves look like, what books and various things we would have on it, etc. So…here we go!

I am very excited to, once again, have Chelsea here to share her ideal book shelf with us!

When I think dream bookcase, of course the first thing that pops to mind is…

But that’s just fantasy. I’m never going to find a beast who will take me prisoner and attempt to buy my love with books. Unfortunately. 
But that’s okay, because I happened to have built my own dream bookcase…20150902_185130-1
I love this bookcase so much. And not just for the books. It’s filled with things from people I love. Family, friends, secret sisters. Everything means something to me, and I feel so lucky to have this shelf in my home. 
I’m not saying I would say no to Beast’s library. 
I’m just saying my own little library would have to come with me.

Thanks Chelsea! If you find that whole entire book shelf missing just pretend you don’t know it was me that took it. Thanks.

Oh, and another thing Chelsea…HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY INITIAL ANSWER!? Of course I want all the shelves in Belle’s library that the Beast uses to win her love.

But sadly I am not Belle and have not been given a gorgeous library as a gift.

Ok, so I must say I am pretty terrible about dreaming up a bookshelf. Mostly because I do have a couple in my house that I really really like right now.

10407826_10203896675998928_4836503850076206908_nThe shelf on the left is all of our classics along with some pictures that hold some sort of importance to us and various objects (there is a tea set in that jar and I love it). The one on the right is books that we are constantly coming back to as our favorites. Some of this has changed (obviously I had to make room for Queen of Shadows and a few others that have become bigger favorites than what I have on there now) but we split it evenly…two shelves for me and two for my husband.

The rest of my books are sadly sitting in boxes because I have two big shelves that are broken (I am sobbing as I type this part, it hurts). So I guess if I had to have my ideal shelf….

  • FLOOR TO CEILING BOOK SHELF: Oh my gosh it would have all kinds of room for ALL the books. I want to not have to think so carefully about if it’s ok if this book doesn’t get displayed or put out on a shelf. I would love MULTIPLE shelves this size. Examples…. 

    OH MY GOSH! My shelves will DEFINITELY need a ladder!
  • COPIES OF ALL MY FAVORITES: There are some books that I just don’t have physical copies of. I want them so that I can put them on these floor to ceiling shelves for the world to see and for me to admire and think about how much I love that book. So like my Harry Potters would OBVIOUSLY be on there as well as my copies of the Scarlet Series, The Wrath and the Dawn, ALL Sarah J Maas, etc. 
  • GORGEOUS CLASSICS: As you can see, we kind of collect the classics in that Barnes and Noble binding. I love those and I do think that every household should have some type of book that is their type, and this is ours.

  • FUNKOS: I have but one funko, and I love her dearly. MOTHER OF DRAGONS! I could use some more to class up this ideal book shelf. Harry Potter, Marvel, Nightmare Before Christmas, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. 
  • BOOKISH QUOTES: I don’t have a current picture, but our favorites shelf currently has a canvas over it that has famous first lines (that my sister made me for my birthday). I want more things similar to that to either put in the shelf or around the shelf. I just want to find those quotes that mean something to me and share them with everyone that ever enters my house. 
  • COLOR: I have no clue what color these shelves would be. I mean I am thinking black of brown, but it really depends on where I am living and how the walls are painted, etc. I do love shelves with that older feel. I would prefer NOT to get one of those Ikea or Target brand shelves that you piece together and essentially have cardboard on the back (though they work perfectly fine). I want one that feels like it’s housed many stories and supported many book nerds, such as myself. 

I think that about covers it, but I bet you I could think of more if I really sat down to think about it and plan out the real deal. This is all just a dream and will probably not be happening anytime soon (which is just so sad).

Feel free to join in on this month’s Spectacularly Swanky Saturday (and all the other ones too!). Just be sure to use the hashtag #SwankySat so that we can see all that joined. Also feel free to leave your post in the comments! I love adding new books to my TBR and always love to add books with swoony characters.

(Check them out…Kelly and Lauren (Live, Love, Read), Lindsey (Bring My Books), Brittany (Please Feed the Bookworm), and Chelsea (She likes to bounce from blog to blog but you should DEFINITELY add her on goodreads!))


October 3rd – Movie Casting! Cast your favorite book. Who are the main characters? What kind of clothes are they wearing? Why did you pick them?

2 thoughts on “#SwankySat…Building Your Own Bookcase!

  1. Bex

    Ok first of all Chelsea with the purple ! Love it! And then… I’m an idiot. I didn’t even consider I could decide what to put on my bookcase that’s a whole well that could have gone on for a good 700 pages so it’s probably a good idea I didn’t but at least penguin drop caps collection! Gah! Lol.

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