First Line Fridays: Not Even a Little…

First Line Friday

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This week’s line has a backstory, well…kind of. This is a book I had NEVER heard of before in my life. If you know me you know that I participate in the Secret Sister project hosted by some fabulous ladies (Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, Amy at Tripping Over Books, and Alyssa at Books Take You Place). I am participating in round 3, which just so happens to be my second time participating and I love it. And one of the things I love is discovering new books I had never heard of and new things I would never really have given a second thought. When I opened my first package I was sooooo excited to find a book that I had never in my life heard of. Like before even reading the card I sat there and kept trying to think if I had heard of it or not. I love that the person who has me thought that I would enjoy reading it based on my love for fantasy. It was like not only getting a personal recommendation from this person but also being given the chance to actually give it a shot since you have a physical copy of it right there. I am very excited to dive in, but I am fairly positive it is a literal dive (it’s quite the lengthy book…but I seem to love reading long books when the weather starts getting colder so that should be good). Here we go… 

No one believed it at first. Not even a little. –Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe 


Am I the only one that has not heard of this book? It sounds super interesting but man…definitely was not at all anywhere near my radar (and I am so excited about that!).

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