Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors (just 8 of them)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday has all of us bloggers and book lovers talking about those authors that we ADORE and will purchase anything they write, even if it’s their grocery list. Lately I have noticed that I don’t buy as many books, but there are authors that I know I will need to have their books in my hands. Sometimes it takes awhile to get their books, but for the most part I can read it and then purchase it later or something like that. So maybe instead of these being my top ten auto-buy authors this could be my top ten auto-TBR authors (meaning I see a new book and BAM on my TBR and BAM I am impatiently awaiting this book). So, in no particular order (and with less than 10 listed)… 

  1. Sarah J. Maas: Do you doubt this would be on there? I think I actually have all of her books thus far (AND QUEEN OF SHADOWS IS PREORDERED AND I NEEDED IN MY HANDS LIKE YESTERDAY). I just love her writing and the worlds she creates and how she can make a reader crying on one page and then laughing on the next page. She is awesome and I will continue to follow her work.
  2. Marie Lu: I love the Legend series. That first book made it known to me that I needed to own and read all of her work. She just writes books that are nearly addicting and that you just have to continue reading. If you have not read any of her books, DO IT! The Legend series is awesome and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in The Young Elites series.
  3. AC Gaughen: Oh hi, do you know me? I am IN LOVE with the Scarlet series. Like I devoured them and am forever wishing there was more (though I get it, and the series ended nicely so I have no bitter feelings there. I just don’t like it to be over). I know she is working on more and it has been INSTANTLY added to my TBR. I think at the moment I added it the book was untitled with the most vague description possible. I just need her to write more!!
  4. Rainbow Rowell: Oh gosh, I love her books. She writes books that just flow so well and makes me feel like I am actually there. I feel for her characters, I cheer for her characters. The amount of times I have cried while reading her books…it’s a lot. She writes fantastic books, and I just have to have more of her (and the fact that I automatically add her to my TBR yet own NOTHING is quite sad) 
  5. Marissa Meyer: Yea, yea yea…I know I haven’t read Cress of Fairest yet, and I promise that will be happening soon (because oh my gosh I don’t know if I could handle waiting too long for Winter). I love the world that she has created with this book series and I am DYING to know what happens with her work in the future. WHATS NEXT!? Because I need it.
  6. Ruta Sepetys: This woman has written some of my FAVORITE YA Historical Fiction. I feel like she really gives me a new perspective on events in history. And she has a new book coming out in 2016 and I really cannot express just how badly I need it in my hands. If you have not read anything by her I highly recommend you do so. She’s fantastic.
  7. Sarah Dessen: I bet you didn’t know I was a Sarah Dessen fangirl did you? Well I am. I haven’t read as many of her books as most people have, but I do love her. She writes about a lot of tough stuff and I think its stuff that needs to be talked about. Plus she has adorable romances and I do love that too.
  8. Rae Carson: I really enjoyed starting the Fire and Thorns series. Note the word “starting.” Ha I have not finished this one yet either, but I love her writing and when you fall so in love with book 1 then you know that you and the author have a good thing going. I am anxiously anticipating her latest release (its been on my TBR since I heard about it) and cannot wait to read the rest of the Fire and Thorns series.  

NOTE: I did not include JK Rowling because I kind of had very little desire to read The Casual Vacancy.

So as you can see, I have 8 authors listed instead of 10. WHO ELSE SHOULD I ADD TO MY AUTO-BUY/AUTO-ADDTOTBR list?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors (just 8 of them)

  1. Completely understand the reason for not including Rowling. The idea was so good, the writing really well, but the actual story? Yeah… really read anything else, your time is spend better that way.
    And Maas. She appears on so many reasons. I really have to finally get to Throne of Glass!
    Fantastic list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you get my reasoning. If she were to continue with most stories in the world of Harry Potter (but not necessarily more stories about Harry) I would SO be on that. It just didn’t even sound like something I wanted to read so I just kind of passed. You should definitely try to get to Throne of Glass. The first book is good, but the second book is EVEN BETTER. Thanks!


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